Russia conducts negotiations on sending military from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to Syria

23 June, 2017, 10:32 1224
Russia conducts negotiations on sending military from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to Syria

The head of the State Duma Defence Committee Vladimir Shamanov has confirmed to RIA Novosti that Russia conducts negotiations with Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan on sending military from these countries to Syria, reported.

As RIA Novosti reports, Turkey declared that the Russian Federation has suggested sending to Syria military from Kazakhstan.

Earlier the representative of the president of Turkey Ibrahim Kalyn has declared that the Russian side has made the proposal to send to de-escalation zones in Syria, military personnel from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

"There are negotiations now, the issue that representatives of the military police of Russia took part in the solution of tasks of providing a discipline in Syria is handled, issues offer to our colleagues from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are also handled. There is a study of a question. There are intentions and the beginning of negotiation process, the decision isn't made yet," Shamanov declared.

"To call the place is premature now, but there are negotiations with Turkey too, they are the negotiators in Astana as well," the parliamentarian added.

During the international negotiations in Astana on May 3-4 representatives of guarantor states of a truce in Syria (the Russian Federation, Iran, Turkey) have signed the memorandum of the creation of four zones of a de-escalation in Syria. They include the province Idlib, and also certain parts of the neighboring provinces Latakia, Hama and Aleppo, certain parts in the north of the province Homs, East Guta, certain areas in the south of Syria — provinces Deraa and Kuneytra. According to a source of RIA Novosti, the document allows sending military guarantor states for observation of the mode of cessation of hostilities.

The head of the Russian delegation at negotiations in Astana, the Russian President's special representative Alexander Lavrentyev said that Russia is ready to direct the observers to perimeters of safety zones. According to him, participation and other countries, but only on the basis of consensus are possible. The official representative of Iranian MFA Bakhram Kasemi also said that Iran is ready to send observers to Syria if the relevant agreement is reached.

Beginners in de-escalation zones

Meanwhile, RBK also reports that today the representative of the president of Turkey Ibrahim Kalyn has reported to Haberturk TV channel that during negotiations with the special representative of the president of Russia on Syria Alexander Lavrentyev the possibility of placement in de-escalation zones in Syria of the Kazakh and Kyrgyzstan military was discussed. Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan together with Russia, Armenia, Tajikistan and Belarus are included into the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO).

"However all this requires detailed work, cards are considered: who from where will enter, how many soldiers and where will arrange. That is 300 or 500 soldiers are necessary? Now more than one million people live in Idlib. Now military personnel discuss how many soldiers it is necessary for such number of the population. We expect that in Astana these questions will be discussed at a July meeting specifically," Kalyn explained (the quote of RIA Novosti).

"The beginning of discussion of the invitation of military from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan couldn't take place without consent of Damascus as it concerns sovereignty of the country, and guarantees from Russia," the leader of the Syrian oppositional Khmeimim group Ilyan Masaad told RBK.

He assumes that guarantors of a truce in Syria (Russia, Turkey and Iran) agreed that observers in zones of a de-escalation were from those countries which will be chosen by Russia and will approve the Syrian government.

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