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School students to master Kazakh language by a new technique

22 September, 2017, 12:32 360
School students to master Kazakh language by a new technique

It will be relied not on studying of grammar, but on development of informal conversation, the head of MES told. 

In Kazakhstan the new technique of studying of Kazakh is developed for pupils of schools with training Russian, the Minister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan Erlan Sagadiyev reported during parliamentary hearings in the Senate of Parliament of Kazakhstan, correspondent reported.

"The new technique of studying of Kazakh for schools with not Kazakh language of training is created. We step aside from habitual studying of grammar of bigger use of communicative skills. The translation of texts and mechanical cramming of rules aren't more a purpose. The main thing that children have as soon as possible begun to speak Kazakh. New textbooks are already developed for 1,2,5 and 7 classes with minimum vocabularies and taking into account these requirements," he reported.

According to him, the pilot project on teaching several school objects in English will be corrected taking into account requirements.

"Since September 1 in 11 and 10 classes teaching four objects in English is planned. Training has begun last year and will continue. This year the large-scale pilot with participation more than 1500 thousand subject teachers has begun, they this year begin to teach in English. Textbooks for them are delivered or will be delivered in the nearest future. Important work of this year is the understanding of all aspects and difficulties of transition to teaching and that will happen to quality of teaching. As parents, children and teachers will perceive. We will monitor all year this pilot that the next year to accept and introduce amendments if it is necessary," he explained.

Next year it is planned to bring number of the subject teachers teaching in English to five thousand, the minister has told.

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