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Schoolboy from Aktobe invented a glove for dumb people

20 March, 2018, 17:00 538
Schoolboy from Aktobe invented a glove for dumb people

The glove connects to a mobile phone via Bluetooth. After pressing the button, the text immediately appears on the screen of the telephone, and then the program accompanying with the female voice says the phrase out loud.

In Aktobe, a schoolboy in the 9th form of physical and mathematical Nazarbayev Intellectual School Nurdaulet Taumergenov invented the glove for dumb people GloveSpeaker. With its help, people can translate the gesture language into the normal speech with the help of a mobile phone, Elorda Info reports.

The schoolboy from Aktobe presented his work at the March meeting “Astana is a future city: The capital’s architecture. 20 years.” As Nurdaulet talked about his project, the glove allows to reproduce up to 32 phrases.

“Dumb people, using the gesture language can translate their language into a normal speech via the mobile phone. One glove can reproduce 32 phrases, and when using two gloves, the number of phrases increases up to 1024,” Taumergenov said.

Such a glove is charged using batteries or Power banks. By the way, a portable charger allows to operate continuously within a month, because of the law use of energy.

“When pressing buttons, phrases are introduces. Two buttons can be pressed at the same time or all buttons, buttons can also be combined. Also, these symbols can be turned into an alphabet, and words can be created. I switched the phrases, because it is fast. The phrases are included into the program, but each person can customize them as convenient for them,” the schoolboy said.

“We wanted to help dumb people. We looked for other platforms, but chose the glove. Because, everyone has it, and is believed to be handy. The gloves can be waterproof, heated for winter time, or simplified for spring and summer times,” Nurdaulet said.

In addition to his invention, he developed the specially app for mobile phones, that can operate in all platforms and is connected with the glove via Bluetooth.

“The prototype costs 30 dollars. We purchased the processor Arduino via the internet sites. And, everyone has mobiles. Even a simple mobile phone that has Bluetooth can reproduce sounds,” said the schoolboy.