Scientist from Uralsk produces glass bricks using unique technique

10 August, 2018, 13:50 315
Scientist from Uralsk produces glass bricks using unique technique

Broken glass is precessed in the Agrarian and technical University named after Zhangir Khan. 


The technique to produce bricks from processed glass is developed by the scientist from Uralsk, correspondent reports. 

Credit: Yevgeny Smolenskyi

Author of the project, professor Sarsenbek Aliakparovich told that the glass is a unique material. Under the influence of rains it leaches,  lye soaks into the soil and contaminates the underground water. Therefore, it is not recommended to leave it in polygons. In order to protect environment, the doctor of technical sciences decided to precess the glass. During first days, the production of bricks made of glass was held in the small laboratory, and after some time Sarsenbek Montayev wanted to expand. He presented his products at various science fairs, and he was able to win a grant. Special equipment was bought at the allocated funds.  

"The faility in which we work right now has been emply, and the decision to open a shop was decided. Phd doctors, students of Master's programmes and students work there. Unfortunately, very little attention is paid to recycling, usually the glass is thrown away, and it is environmental violation. Therefore, we decided to recycle glass to produce the demanded material. This project was patented, and there is no analogue, only here in the west region," says author of the project Sarsenbek Montayev. 

There is a great deal of glass to produce bricks. Broken cups, plates and other dishes are taken from cafes, restaurants, as well as they in the  university bring broken window glass. It is crushed into a powder, 2% of chalk are added, it is placed into shapes and  sent into the furnace. Over three hours, the dry mixture turns into bricks.  

"Such bricks are used as the heat-insulating material. It does not absorb moisture, the products are fireproof. We plan to cover a small building using these bricks, and use it as an example. We think that all comapnies that construct buidlings will be our customers. Because they buy the imported construction materials for heating purposes, but they are very expensive. Therefore, in the future we plan to replace all imported materials with our products. It is for certain that we could not produce large amounts of products, but at least we hope to reach 50% of production," said the Professor. 

Over the month, the shop has recycled 10 cubic metres of broken glass. Sarsenbek Montayev intends to prove its effectiveness. 

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