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Scientists from Kokshetau invented a modern analogue of quartz

31 January, 09:42 203

The domestic invention is a modernized and improved type of quartz.

A group of scientists from Kokshetau invented and patented an active bactericidal lamp. According to the inventor, this invention protects not only from bacteria and viruses, including influenza and wand of Koch, but it is also a good help for allergy suffers, correspondent reported.  

According to the author of the project, this invention is much more effective than its older type of quartz. At the same time, it has a special protection, it does not hurt eyes. Therefore, people do not need to leave the room. The scientists have produced one lamp, which not only clean up the air, but also kills viruses. The device has a shape of pipe with a mirror surface inside and cleans up the air by ultraviolet. 

"The air is drawn into a concentrator – a pipe - through a special fan. The efficiency of the device is due to resonance, that is, reflection of ultraviolet rays. The mirror surface increases it by 12 times. The device kills all kinds of bacteria, including the causative agent of tuberculosis, viruses and other microorganisms, causing, including an allergy," one of the project developers, a member of the working group Marat Shumekenov said.

He also underlined that their invention does not harm eyes.

"Ultraviolet rays are concentrated in a closed lamp body with a metal surface, so it is safe for the staff. On a room, say, half an hour of operation of the device is enough for an area of ​​18 square meters. It turns on and ends independently, while it is very economical and consumes little electricity," Shumekenov said.

The lamp, by the way, is installed in the upper part of the wall or on the ceiling of the room: bacteria and viruses love warmth, and it always rushes up. Kokshetau scientists worked for three years to invent this device, a patent for the know-how has already been obtained. And now they are looking for investors for mass production.

“The bactericidal lamp can be used in medical institutions, trade centers, flats and even in livestock complexes. It is very economical. At the same time, it is our, domestic invention, and it should not be purchased at high prices. Export can be established,” another member of the working group Serik Ashimov said. 

According to the scientists, the equipment should interest Kazakhstani entrepreneurs. They believe that the state or the private sector will support them.