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Secretary general of FIS: Ski jump complexes in Almaty are magnificent

21 August, 2017, 14:35 668
Secretary general of FIS: Ski jump complexes in Almaty are magnificent

The secretary general of the International Ski Federation of FIS Sarah Lewis during the working visit to Almaty has been impressed with the Kazakhstan sporting venues, reported.

It is noted that a main objective of a visit of the management of FIS is acquaintance to the Kazakhstan infrastructure for winter sports and also working meetings with heads of sports departments of the country.

Sarah Lewis has begun the visit with survey of sporting venues of Almaty: international ski jump complex "Sunkar", high-mountain skating rink "Medeo" and Shymbulak ski resort.

The secretary general of AIOWF and FIS has especially noted their unique arrangement within the city, in particular, having noted existence of school for children and young people on the basis of the international complex of ski jumps and prospect of Shymbulak Group in involvement of the younger generation to occupations ski sports. She has also expressed confidence that the investments enclosed in development of sports infrastructure of the city, undoubtedly will shortly bring the dividends.  

"Ski jump complex "Sunkar", "Shymbulak" - these sporting venues are magnificent! Look how organically they are entered in city infrastructure. Ideal height difference in mountains of people around of Shymbulak, their natural landscape do this ski resort interesting and very perspective for world-class competitions," Sarah Lewis emphasized. 

However long-term cooperation in development of winter sports remains the main reference point of interaction of the international federation and national sports departments nevertheless. It was already talked of it in Astana where Sara Lewis has met the Minister for Culture and Sports of RK Arystanbek Mukhamediuly, the chairman of the board of JSC NUH Bayterek Erbolat Dosayev and the CEO of NOC of RK Serik Kaskabasov.

Issues of development of sport in regions of Kazakhstan, a possibility of holding the most high-class international competitions in winter sports in the Akmola, East Kazakhstan regions of the country and the city of Almaty, use of new instruments of advance of winter disciplines and attraction of additional financing for these purposes were discussed at meetings.

The interested exchange of opinions on a number of perspective areas of cooperation has taken place. For example, one of initiatives of the president of National Olympic Committee of the country Timur Kulibayev - creation of the comprehensive program of development of winter sports in the countries of Central Asia on the basis of the Kazakhstan infrastructure. This program can be developed with assistance of Association of the international federations on winter Olympic sports, having become the long-term project of cooperation aimed not only on development of ski sports in the region, but also winter sports in general in the territory of the Central Asian region.

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