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“Single window” in the customs activity of Kazakhstan to operate from May

31 January, 11:04 233
“Single window” in the customs activity of Kazakhstan to operate from May

The platform received an access to the module for issue of permits and at the present time undergoes certification.

In Kazakhstan, starting from May this year, “Single window” will operate, it is a mechanism that allows participants in trade and logistics operations to provide standardized information and documentation to one contact center for compliance with regulatory requirements in the sphere of import, export and transit. It was said by the head of the Tariff and Non-Tariff Regulation Department of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Zhanat Shaimov, during the meeting with Almaty citizens, BNews.kz correspondent reported.

From January 1, 2018, the Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union and the Republic of Kazakhstan came into force. For the first time, representatives of business and large organizations took part in the development of this legislation. First of all, the document is aimed at developing electronic interaction between the state and business, simplifying and accelerating customs operations and providing new opportunities for stimulating entrepreneurship.

"The conditions for granting installments for the payment of customs duties have changed. If earlier it was possible to receive it only in exceptional cases, now any participant in external economic activities has the right to receive it." The postponement of the duty is granted for a month with interest. In cases of liquidation of natural disasters, technological accidents, delays in financing from the budget - a six-month postponement is granted without interest," Zhanat Shaimov said.

The new Code provides for the possibility for the customs authority to fill out certain types of declarations during export, transit, passenger declaration on a vehicle. The terms for the release of goods have been reduced from one working day to four hours.

"The possibilities are expanded, when it is possible to produce goods before filing a declaration. Authorized economic operators could use the simplification, they were connected to the economic customs processing procedures of free warehouses, free customs zones, as well as when importing goods within the framework of investment contracts," the speaker said.

A lot of work has been done to change the model of authorized economic operators. Now these are the three categories of evidence: 1 - the simplification associated with the transport of goods, 2 - the simplification associated with the declaration and storage of goods, 3 - the set of simplifications for the previous types.

"The conditionally released goods, which were granted with benefits, remained in control, often these goods are no longer suitable for use. Now the norm has come in that says that the goods are not subject to control that were imported before July 2010 from July 2, 2015," the head of the department said.

Almaty residents were interested in the work of "Single Window". The speaker explained that its principle is the unification and automation of the issuance and registration of permits based on IT technologies.

"Kazakhstanis obtained permits through the state base, we analyzed, not all documents are there, which are needed for export and import. To implement the system, the UN Committee and Specialized Agency signed a contract. We worked with specialists to unite all the necessary documents. It was not optimized and took a long time," Shaimov said.

Now within the framework of “Single window”, permits will be automated. About 55 permits are needed for import operations at the present time, which are issued in 11 state bodies

"Out of these documents, the field of conformity assessment, agriculture and health makes up the bulk of 80% So we decided to start with these documents so that people did not go to different state bodies and organizations. We were presented the portal itself, and a module for issuing these permits. We tested, there are a number of comments on the functioning of the system, they are eliminated. Supervisors were instructed to run the project in pilot mode in May. "Single window" will facilitate the conditions for receipt of documents and preparation of information juice to spend time and financial costs," the expert said.