Six families are left homeless in Petropavlovsk

07 April, 2017, 17:50 393
Six families are left homeless in Petropavlovsk

The two-stored old house caught fire early in the morning; residents were unable even to take the documents and money, correspondent reports.

As eyewitnesses said, people in confusion ran out of apartments without taking even money and documents.

"To the place of emergency service fire and rescue department came the first and and immediately began the fire fighting. Ten items of techniques were involved and 44 person personnel”, the head of state language and information department Evgeniy Zhuravlev said.  

According to ESD, fire was expanded to 3 battle stations and took place in difficult conditions- the building was filled with gas cylinders that were threatened by the explosion.

"The fire destroyed the roof of the house, hit apartments, partitions, property. The total area of the fire was 180 square meters. 6 people were evacuated, 9 gas cylinders were got out the house", Zharvlev added.  

There are no victims and injured. The cause of the damage is being identified.

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