Skolkovo Centre’s head expressed interest in Kazakh projects

01 February, 2019, 13:18 1111
Skolkovo Centre’s head expressed interest in Kazakh projects

The Skolkovo Foundation Chairman visited the technopark in Almaty and expressed interest in Kazakh innovation projects.

“In my opinion, this forum is a great opportunity to “synchronize the watches”, to look at the innovation development in our countries. We close to each other in terms of both culture and regulation, we share a free space for goods and services movement. Now it is essential to focus on breakthrough areas, new technologies. The prime ministers and other participants will be able to discuss how to implement them here. We use technoparks to implement them. It is necessary to engage ministries, large companies, and other investment and innovation support institutions. I think that today’s the best opportunity to do it,” said Arkady Dvorkovich on the margins of the forum “Digital agenda in the era of globalization 2.0” organized by the Kazakh Ministry of Information and Communications, INA Kazinform has informed.

He also spoke of the Kazakh-Russian projects. According to him, he got familiarized with the work of the Russian innovation companies running in Almaty’s technopark.

“Here workplaces have been created, and the developments, created in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Kazan, find their full-scale use here, in Almaty, including industrial Internet things, artificial intelligence, the use of big data, blockchain in medicine, agriculture and logistics,” said Arkady Dvorkovich.

According to him, it is necessary to connect some important elements: fundamental science, education, startups, large companies, and capital – these are what the foundations such Skolkovo, technoparks do.

“Yes [answering to the question whether Kazakh projects had interested him]. They are very interesting things related to new techniques of production and processing of natural resources. The technologies using big data allowing to monitor payments in the financial system and prevent financial offenses. It is a very interesting development in the field of agriculture relating to selecting and producing crop using new methods in biotechnology and nanotechnologies, they are interesting,” he said.

The Skolkovo Centre is a scientific and technological innovation complex specializing in developing and commercializing new technologies. 

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