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‘Smart’ housing and communal services: E-Shanyraq system is developed in Kazakhstan

22 February, 18:00 236
‘Smart’ housing and communal services: E-Shanyraq system is developed in Kazakhstan

Users of the intellectual information system E-Shanyraq will be dwellers of houses, managing companies, Governor’s Offices, state bodies and communal enterprises.

Chairman of the Board of KazCenter HCS Nursultan Dzhienbayev told about the development of the intellectual information system E’Shanyraq at a press conference at the press center of the Government of Kazakhstan, the site of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan reports.

The system is designed for residents of houses, management companies, akimats, state bodies, public utility companies. At present, the concept of the system has already been developed, a consortium of key players to implement it has been identified. In March, with the support of Zerde holding company, the first hackathon on the subject for Kazakh developers is to be held. They will be given the opportunity to participate in the creation of this system.

"For residents, in fact, it will be a single window of communication with the object of natural monopolies, the managing companies. They will be able to monitor, see the transparency of all operating fees, savings for capital repairs, control the processes of management companies, due to the instrumentation in the republic, will be able to see how much energy they consume. In addition, they can also leave their comments here. This system will make the entire housing and communal infrastructure of the republic ‘smart.’ It is not only a smart house, a smart city, a smart country, it is a global project," Nursultan Dzhienbayev said.

The active phase of introduction of E-Shanyraq will start in three months. Then, the system will be added taking into account all requests of the residents. It will work in full by the end of the present year.

"We will cover all the houses, all the cities. Now there is also an order to see what products can be additionally presented in the village. We can adapt them for rural areas," he said.

The system E-Shanyraq will be completely free. Now, the issue with investors that could fund the development of this system and further possible investments in it is being discussed.

As Zhienbayev noted that the system E-Shanyraq will allow to increase the transparency of business processes for all participants of the sector, firstly for house residents. In the future, that will lead to the increased interest of potential investors in the infrastructure and housing complex of Kazakhstan.

In the future, on the basis of E-Shanyraq, it is planned to create a national command center with the use of Big Data as a source of analytical information that will allow the state to understand the needs and problems of the sector, timely react to network failures, housing deterioration and the condition of utilities. Together with the E-Shanyraq system, the Call-center will also function to respond to all emerging issues.

It is noted that before the development of the system, the world experience was studies in detail on digitalization of the infrastructure and housing complex of such countries as Singapore, Germany, Great Britain, the USA, Australia, Finland and Russia. As a result, the system was included with the most advanced international technologies.

For reference: E-Shanyraq single system of intellectual management of apartment buildings is a business process for all participants of the housing and communal services sector. Residents will be able to check the correctness of charges and calculations, create online voting and take part in them remotely on all housing issues, monitor the activities of their managing organization, monitor their house expenses and incomes, appeal on problems of housing and communal services. Management companies will have the opportunity to post reporting information once and in a single format, and LEB, state bodies will be able to make weighted decisions based on reliable information placed in the system.

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