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Space attractions for tourists to appear nearby Baikonur

20 February, 16:00 186
Space attractions for tourists to appear nearby Baikonur

Also, a space museum will be created there.

The development of a concept of the creation of an entertainment tourist zone “Baikonur” was finished, the correspondent reports.

“It was designed following the example of the successful development of the space tourism on Cape Canaveral in Florida, USA, the deputy Governor of Kyzylorda region Yevgeni Kim told. – Now, we can say that the entertainment and tourist zone “Baikonur” will include a trade center, space museum, world standard hotel, aquapark, restaurant and entertainment game halls, as well as scape attractions with various special effects.”

In order to demonstrate Kazakh traditions, customs and to acquaint guests with the cultural heritage, an ethno-village is decided to be included into a tourist zone.

“Now, the work on the allocation of lands for construction of planned facilities is being held,” informed Kim.

We note that the part of lands nearby Baikonur has been recently withdrawn to develop business and infrastructure that was rented by the Russian Federation. As was known, Kazakhstan intends to withdraw other several thousands of hectares from rent.  

“Following the talks in 2017, 11.6 thousand hectares of land were withdrawn from rent by the Russian Federation in order to develop the small- and medium-sized business, Governor of Kyzylorda region Korymbek Kusherbayev told. – Now, we hold talks to withdraw 3.4 thousand hectares of land.”