Kokshetau marks 300th anniversary of Abylai khan
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Kokshetau marks 300th anniversary of Abylai khan

Valeriya BONDAREVA, 5 October 2013 12:20 , Kokshetau

The celebrations marking the 300th anniversary of Abylai khan began in Kokshetau, BNews.kz correspondent reports.

In the history of Kazakh land there are many remarkable statesmen and military leaders , who devoted his life to the idea of national unity.
Abylai khan is a great khan, commander and prominent political figure. His whole life was dedicated to fighting for the integrity and independence of the Kazakh Khanate.
From early morning on the square in front of the trading house "Altyn gasyr " there ia an agricultural fair organized by wholesale distributors from Zerendy , Burabay , Sandyktau districts in Kokshetau.
People lead flowers at the monument Abylaikhan. The celebratory race of 27 athletes , marathon participants i