Swedish traveler to cross Kazakhstan on camel
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Swedish traveler to cross Kazakhstan on camel

3 October 2016 15:21

The famous Swedish traveler Christian Bodegren is going to cross Kazakhstan from the East to the west on a camel in support of EXPO 2017, BNews.kz correspondent reported.

"The idea of a travel across Mongolia and Kazakhstan because it is history of the Great silk way was always interesting to me. Nomadic life of people of these countries is also interesting to me. Kazakhstan – very curious country for many people, and I want to present them knowledge of this state. I will document the life of people to show to the whole world the movie about your country," K. Bodegren told.
The way of the 43-year-old Swede has begun with the capital of Mongolia, the Kazakhstan coast of the Caspian Sea will become a terminal point of wanderings. The severe steppe winter during which the traveler should cross the country on not the fastest animal – a camel will become the most difficult test for Christian.
"I am going to go to East Kazakhstan and to find there camels. I traveled around Mongolia for four months , and I hope, in Kazakhstan I will meet the same good people what I have met there. I expect to reach the Caspian Sea by next summer. The way to more than 4.5 thousand kilometers therefore I have an opportunity to imprint everything is necessary to me: by nature and people till the change of seasons," K. Bodegren said.