National security committee of Kazakhstan celebrated State Border day
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National security committee of Kazakhstan celebrated State Border day

23 November 2016 18:52

"The state begins with border" - under such name the meetings of the military personnel of National security committee of Kazakhstan with pupils of capital schools dated for State Border day took place in Astana, reports.

Officers of military quarter 2456 began their performance with the fact that we soon will celebrate one of remarkable dates in life of each of us, another anniversary of our state – 25th years of independence of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan reached unknown heights in 25 years of independence. Our country in the rating of the world states is noted as the stable state with the developing economy.

One of attributes of the modern states and one of Kazakhstan’s achievements is establishment of State Border with neighboring states.

November 23 is the day devoted to "State Border". The total length of State Border of Kazakhstan constitutes more than 15,000 kilometers. It is in 8,5 times more than was in case of formation of our state. At the beginning of the 90th years of the 20th century, Border service protected border with China about 1,600 km long. Protection was performed by forces of six boundary groups.

The first Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On State Border of the Republic of Kazakhstan" was accepted on January 13, 1993 and from since then Kazakhstan started questions of demarcation and delimitation of the border. 

The Border service approached to the 25th anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan with the following results of the current year:  25,000 people are detained offenders of boundary space, 992 cases of transportation of smuggling of goods are stopped (294 cases from them is narcotic substances, in particular heroin more than 52 kilograms, other drugs about 12,000 kilograms are detained), more than 2,000 units of weapon tried to take out illegally through border, more than 46 million people and more than 10 million vehicles are missed through state border for the accounting period.

At the end of the meeting officers of the National security committee of Kazakhstan congratulated young listeners on behalf of command of the Border service on the forthcoming holidays and wished good health, good luck and progress in study!