EEC agreed strategic documents in sphere of transport and infrastructure
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EEC agreed strategic documents in sphere of transport and infrastructure

9 December 2016 14:24

The fifth meeting of the heads of the competent authorities of the Member States of the Eurasian Economic Union chaired by Member of the Board (Minister) of the Eurasian Economic Commission for Energy and Infrastructure Adamkul Zhunussov was held in Moscow.

"Our annual meetings have become a good tradition and make it possible to find compromises on the most pressing issues of integration in the sphere of transport and infrastructure", A. Zhunussov said.

The list of areas of cooperation and infrastructure projects in the framework of the Eurasian economic integration interface and the Silk Road Economic Belt was approved at the meeting. This is more than 40 in the field of transport and infrastructure projects, the EEC reported.

"The proposals from the EAEU countries aimed at establishing of a cross-cutting logistics in the direction of China - the Eurasian Union - the European Union and associated routes. Within these projects the partner countries of the Union have every reason to negotiate jointly with China, while freely collaborating bilaterally on other tracks", A. Zhunussov said.

Special attention was paid to the draft Transport Policy, a fundamental document that will be presented to the presidents of the "five" countries at the end of this year. The Ministers removed all the fundamental disagreements on the draft document both in terms of road and air transport. The participants were unanimous in the need to remove the existing restrictions in the transport of all types of transport within the Union, as a major obstacle to the creation of a single transport space and common market of transport services, the Strategy 2050 NA reported.

"The agreements open up good prospects for the completion of the strategic document and the transition to its implementation", the Minister of the EEC said summing up the discussion on the draft transport policy.