STBs assets increased by 748 bln tenge in June

07 August, 2018, 10:28 188
STBs assets increased by 748 bln tenge in June

Halyk Bank is the leader with a month growth amounted to 247.8 billion tenge.

In comparison with last year, Kazakhstan ’s banking assets boosted in June. The growth amounted to 748 billion tenge at once, correspondent reports with reference to

Aggregate assets of 32 in second-tier banks in the Republic of Kazakhstan for June grew by 748.3 billion tenge (3.2%) and amounted to 24.3 trillion tenge. At the same time, in comparison with June of the previous year, the volume decreased by 886.1 billion tenge  (-5.5%).

The most noticeable change in the volume of assets of banks over the past year was recorded in July last year when there was a reduction of immediately by 1.3 trillion tenge (-5.2%).

As noted, 19 of 32 banks increased the volume of assets for June. Halyk Bank, with a monthly increase of 247.8 billion tenge (5.2%), up to 5.1 trillion tenge top the list. The bank's share for the month increased from 20.5% to 20.8%.

The second position is taken by Citibank, with an increase of 115.8 billion tenge  (18.7%), to 733.8 billion tenge. The bank's share increased from 2.6% to 3%.

Qazqom bottom the top three. The growth amounts to 81.6 billion tenge (2.6%). The Share of the bank decreased from 13.4% up to 13.3%.

The volume of the aggregate loan portfolio of second-tier banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan for June increased by 84.5 billion tenge (0.6%), to 13.5 trillion tenge. However, this is still 2.1 trillion tenge (13.2%) less than a year ago.

The share of loans in the portfolio of assets for the last month declined from 57% to 55.6%, a year earlier - 61.8%.