Students from Paris to take part in Festival "Astana Art Fest"

06 April, 2017, 11:54 985 Astana
Students from Paris to take part in Festival

The organizers of the Festival "Astana Art Fest" held a presentation of the concept of the event and announced about the beginning of an open competition. The theme of this year's Festival is "Nomad Energy". One of the organizers of the event, Anuar Nurpeisov, said that this year the Festival will attract students of one of the Paris arts institutions, correspondent reports.

"The Festival "Astana Art Fest" is held for the third year.  It combines many areas of art and science. It includes sections: architecture, industrial design, contemporary art, performance theatre, land art, digital art, fashion, music and other. Any creative person can prove himself here. For two years, our festival attracted 78 authors from 10 countries, including USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia. This year our contest will attract the students of the Institute of Arts "Art Deco" in Paris. There will be a competition Among them and the best works will be presented at our Festival. The French Embassy help us", one of the organizers of the event Anuar Nurpeisov said.

For the participation in the Festival an application form to the Organizing Committee should be sent before April, 15.  The feature of the Festival this year will be its duration – "Art Fest Astana" will last 3 months: from June to September during the Expo-2017.

"The winner gets, firstly, self-realization, which is very important for any creative figure. Secondly, great experience, as will work with professional artists on a global scale. Thirdly, it is the recognition. And, of course, the author's fee, which will be determined in a short time. Now we pass through the fourth industrial revolution that is rapidly developing humanity. This year thi main idea of the festival is that a man depending himself affects the other", A. Nurpeisov said.

Festival director Mayra Izmailova notes that the Festival is an open air area for presentation of ideas and art objects of different trends of modern culture.

"If it is Fashion, it will be necessary to present the projects relating this theme, both realized and not realized, and then we will consider them. If it is architecture, for example, a children's playground, we will invite designers, architects, musicians, artists and other representatives of the creative world to participate in the Festival. This year we open Pavilion for Fashion designers, co -working for communicative social practices. Because the development of the creative industry and the formation of cultural capital is our common challenge", Mayra Izmailova.

The Festival traditionally takes place under the open sky on the Boulevard "Nurzhol".

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