Surgeons from Astana had a unique surgery to replace artificial heart with donor one

01 August, 2018, 14:47 383
Surgeons from Astana had a unique surgery to replace artificial heart with donor one

The patient was a 60-year-old Kazakhstan citizen. 

Doctors of the National Scientific Cardiac Surgery Centre led by chairman of the Board of the Centre Yuryi Pya for the first time held a surgery to fully replace the CARMAT artificial heart with a donor one, correspondent reports. 

The first surgery to implant CARMAT was held by a team of the National Scientific Cardiac Surgery Centre on October 19, 2017, the patient was the 60-year-old person who suffered a terminal chronic biventricular cardiac insufficiency. After 8 months on June 19, 2018, the patient had orthotropic heart transplantation. 

Chairman of the Board of the Centre, cardio surgeon Yuryi Pya at the press conference in the Centre told that during the high-risk surgery to 60-year-old Kunanbay Abrayev, about 30 specialists took part, including from European states. It lasted for about 12 hours. 

"These days we have an opportunity to cover it in the press, because we should have been observed the patient, his state of health. Another important thing is that he is the first patient in the world who was firstly implanted the CARMAT artificial heart, and then replaced with a donor one. The world has not seen it before," said the head of the Board. 

According to him, Kunanbay Abrayev, who was in the programme for surgical treatment of patients with a cardiac insufficiency, ideally fitted for transplantation of a donor heart of a young adult whose family agreed for transplantation. 

"As for donars, then there is such a notion as keeping a donor's secret. Therefore, we do not ptovide any information about donors, but I want to express gratitude to teh parents of the young adult who agreed to transplant the heart. Because not only a heart, but also kidneys, a liver were taken. Thus, this agreement gave life to at least four patients. And, I believe that it is the philosphy of the programme," said First Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Centre Makhabbat Bekbosynova. 

"The patient was prepared, he was not chosen. We have the progreamme for surgical treatment of patients with a cardiac insufficiency. It includes transplantation of hearts and artificial left kidneys. Only 5 transplantation surgeries of donor hearts have been held this year. I think that by the end of the year we will hold other two or three surgeries, because many relatives    back away from the donation of a human organ," said Yuryi Pya. 

He noted that the problem is that many medical residential facilities refused to take part in the programme, because they feel the preasure from the public and authority bodies in case of mistaken intake of an organ from the wrong donors.  

"Therefore, in order to find the solution, we opted for artificial organs and place an emphasis on them. Our public more loyal about it. The person gets the hope for life. That is of great importance. It was in the past year - on October 19, when we implanted the CARMAT artificial heart to him. If one has an opportunity, chance to increase life of the person who suffers - then it should be used," said Pya. 

As of today, the patient is in the rehabilitation ward and adapts to new condictions. 

"He is the first person after such a surgery. Therefore, we observe him, as well as observe his other organs. Once his state is stabilized, we will take him to a ward, he will start walking on a street," said the cardio surgeon. 

Other two patients with artificial hearts are also in the Centre and pass rehabilitation. They are aslo prepared for donor's hearts. 

"Implantation of an artificial heart was held on three people in Kazakhstan. As for the world, their number is only ten. Two patients with artificial hearts had surgeries after Kunanbay Abrayev," said Yuryi Pya. 

He added that the world has patients with donor's hearts who live more than 30 years. And it cannot be transplanted to another human after once it is taken from the body. 

"It is not only mecahnical, but it also includes biological tissues. The surface inside the heart that contacts with the blood creates a new layer, which is created by the organism of the patient. CARMAT will study what happened inside, how the mechanisms worked, what is the duration," said Pya. 

CARMAT shows interest in the work of the Kazakhstani specialists after they started the programme for surgical treatment of a cardiac insufficiency and became leaders in the field. They came to the Centre three times, examined the patients and results of the work. After that the proposal to take part in the programme was received. 

"The plan for our Centre is like ten patients for the whole study. It is a very expensive and hard project. Alone the equipment costed million euros, not talking about surgeries, comings and monitoring. We are involved in this project. It is a high-technology and prestigious project for Kazakhstan," said the head of the Board of the Centre.