Survey: Almaty, Astana citizens have begun to rest abroad less

09 July, 2018, 13:38 401
Survey: Almaty, Astana citizens have begun to rest abroad less

38% of Almaty and Astana citizens to stay home during vacation.

A third of citizens of Almaty and Astana do not plan to rest this summer, reports with a reference to the information and analytical centre Kompetenz.

The responders of the survey answered the question whether a citizen of Almaty or Astana has planned his vacation for the summer of 2018 and how they are going to spend it.

The survey was conducted by the use of a deep interview method, and citizens of Almaty and Astana aged from 21 to 63 took part in it. The participants of the survey were offered to answer the following questions: Do you plan to rest this summer? Where do you and your family members plan to rest this summer?

Following the survey, 38% of adult people of the southern and northern capital cities do not plan to take vacation this summer and plan to work, 41% will rests (and almost half of them plan the vacation no more than 2 weeks), 11% of responders do not take a decision yet and struggle to answer the question.

38% of those residents of Almaty and Astana who will take vacation will stay home and will deal with home tasks during vacation, many have told that they plan to hold general cleanup, flat and car repairs. 17% plan to spend time outside the city, to head over mountains or dachas (summer houses). 9% plan to spend their vacations at local resorts – Alakol and Borovoe lakes. 8% of participants of the survey plan trips to the CIS states, including the Russian Federation, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Belarus. 4% plan or have already visited the FIFA World Cup that is held from June 14 to July 15 of 2018 at 12 stadiums in 11 cities of Russia.  

11% will leave for far abroad states. Traditionally, the famous rest places among Kazakhstan citizens abroad are Turkey, Thailand, the United Arabic Emirates, Italy, Spain, China. A majority of those who plan a trip in the summer of 2018 prefer to spend time with a family, mostly women and middle-aged people. Young people prefer to rest with friends or beloved ones.

The average amount of the planned by Almaty and Astana citizens expenses for rest as for one member of the family and whose who plan to rest abroad is 415 000 tenges, that is by 33% higher than in 2017.

At the same time, to the question whether what is the best rest for respondents in the summer period, 54% of residents of Astana and Almaty responded that the best rest is the rest at the coast.

As for the residents of Almaty and Astana under the age of 18, then 28% of respondents told that their children and grandchildren will spend their vacation home. Each fourth (25%) plans to send their offspring to dacha or to relatives outside the city, and 15% - to summer camps.