Survey: Kazakhstan citizens' household amentities have worsened over the year

16 August, 2018, 11:52 240
Survey: Kazakhstan citizens' household amentities have worsened over the year

Microcredit organizations can help Kazakhstan citizens to get necessary funds to improve their housing conditions. 


The main issues of improvement of housing of Kazakhstan citizens were stated in a survey by, reports. 

"Household amentities of Kazakshtan citizens over the year have worsened. Water supply is in a good position: the share of the total area supplied with water has accounted for 98.5% of the total housing in the country. 87.6% of the total area are supplied with gas, and that is by 0.2% less than a year ago; 40.3% - with central heating, 36% - with central hot water which is by 0.4% less that a year ago," says the survey. 

Also, things are not good with the amentities that Kazakhstan citizens can supply by themselves (beyond central service lines). For instance, alone 42.1% of residential areas were equipped with baths or showers and that is by 0.3% less than a year ago.  

"Kazakhstan citizens can get necessary funds to improve their housing with the use help of bank loans. Now the banks actively provide loans to the population for consumer purposes, that include repairs, and the same construction works. Consumer loans provided to individuals have incerased by 20% and reached 3.2 trillion tengs as of the end of June 2018," reads the report. 

But, the main problems with housing is traditionally fall on the rural area, taking into account that the banks prefer to work only in large cities. Thus, 93% of consumer loans account for the key mega cities and regional centres of the regions of the country. 

Thus, the rural population, as well as the population of smaller urban centres that need for loans to improve living, is almost cut off from loans from the banks.   

"The residents of small cities of the country who wish to imporve their housing quality can take help in microfinancial organizations. At the same time, among the ten largest microfinancial organizations (their total number is 150 following the National Bank of Kazakhstan), only 7 of them have corporate websites, and only two of them identify credit-products for the population to improve housing conditions: KMF with Shanyrak products, and the Asian Credit Fund with Housing-Energy-saving Credit products," says the survey.