Taraz citizen restored a 1932 Fiat

18 April, 2018, 17:57 1270
Taraz citizen restored a 1932 Fiat

Marat has the documents that says that he is the owner of Fiat and that the car meets all technical requirements.  

Taraz resident Marat Yeskhozhayev re-registered his 1932 Fiat, BNews.kz correspondent reports. According to him, there are only three such cars in the world.

“From the childhood, I was interested in retro cars. Cars were made with love and soul at that time. As an adult, me with my friends found the framework of an old Fiat. We did not believe that we could restore it. Because, its equipment was no longer in production, and everything was designed by hand, can you imagine it? Together with Aleksandr Umnikhinym, Sergei Ryumin and Orgalgazy Valikhanov, over five years we have restored our Fiat. And now, it inspires our citizens,” said Yeskhozhayev.

At the moment, the retro car is in Saint Petersburg.

“They annually call me with the proposal to take part in the festive parade on the occasion of Victory Day. We participate, and Fiat operates well. And, smiles on the face of elder people are one of the best awards,” said Marat.

Now, the creative team led by Marat Yeskhozhayev reconstructs other retro cars. To do it, they opened a special auto-shop, where they restore cars, but they do not sell cars, despite a huge number of people who want to buy the car.

“These are priceless cars. And, we wanted to inherit them to our grandchildren,” said the inventor.