Tea and coffee production decreases in Kazakhstan

22 November, 2018, 13:28 565
Tea and coffee production decreases in Kazakhstan

Sales of tea have observed a 6% decrease within the year. 


Over 10 months of 2018, tea and coffee production has reached 14.3 thousand tons, a 3.1% less compared to that of last year, BNews.kz reports referring to Energyprom.kz

Almaty has the main share of tea and coffee production (87.4%) - 12.5 thousand tons, and the volume of tea production has gone up by 75% over year for January0September 2018 in the Karaganda region. 

The tea and coffee market is badly in need for import substitution, following 9 months of 2018, the domestic products have covered a mere 29.6 percent of demand.

At the same time, the consumption has decreased, tea and coffee sales in the internal market have felt by 6.4% over year, and the volume of exports has observed a 41.6 percent growth over year. 

The decrease in demand affected the imports: -3.9% over year. 

Over 9 months of 2018, imports of the famous beverage among Kazakh citizens have equaled 21.3 thousand tons (-15.7% over year), US $77 million (-15.8% over year). 

Kenya is the main supplier of tea to Kazakhstan for January-September 2018 (48% of supplies in volume terms, and 47.4% - in monetary terms). It is followed by India (33.7% of imports in tons, and 28.4% - in monetary terms), and Russia (10.3% in volume terms, and 17.5% - in monetary terms).  

Following October 2018, black tea has cost 2 868,4 tenge per kilogram, that is by 1.6% cheaper compare to the previous year. 

Tonic beverage has been cheap in the city of Kostanay (3341 tenge per kilogram, +2% over year), Almaty (3164 tenge per kilogram, -4.8% over year), and Astana (3140 tenge per kilogram, +0.7% over year).

The biggest growth in tea prices has been observed in the city of Aktau: +10.4% over year, up to 2906 tenge per kilogram. 

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