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Kazakhstan celebrates Thanksgiving Day

01 March, 2018, 11:10 518
Kazakhstan celebrates Thanksgiving Day

The Day is celebrated on March 1.

In 2016, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev submitted the establishment of Thanksgiving Day in Kazakhstan, that was said by him at the meeting of the Assembly. This Day symbolizes the people’s unity. It is also a symbol of the hospitality of Kazakhs, because of the fact that at the Soviet period people of various nationalities were deported to Kazakhstan. At that time, the people’s diversity of the republic underwent through great changes, and today many Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians and people of other nations live in Kazakhstan. The policy of the state and the President proposes and passes laws and regulations that facilitate to the people of Kazakhstan to take part in various events in order to maintain the course towards friendliness, tolerance.

Thus, on March 1, Kazakhstan celebrates Thanksgiving Day. The Day has been celebrating over a few years, and it is not widespread. However, in order to make it famous among the young generation, lessons to familiarize students with the origin of the Day are held, as well as a huge attention is paid in media. That is the Day is being popularized.

During this Day, thematic events, forums, seminars and conferences are held. Each year, this list will be joint with new events, and in the near future the Day will be long-awaited and beloved. And, today this Day is the day to memorize the history, the history of one’s own family, country. The Day is also the great opportunity to spend time with relatives and family members, to thank each other for the time spent with parents, for giving birth to their children and also people thank their children for their successes and things that make their parents to be proud of them. At the same time, Thanksgiving Day is a step towards friendly, close, nice relations with each other, the Day is also the reason to make up a quarrel, sometimes even to find new friends.