The center of training for civil aviation will be constructed in Astana

09 October, 2017, 12:46 357
The center of training for civil aviation will be constructed in Astana

It is planned that in the center of aviation experts of the countries of the region will increase the knowledge.

The regional center of training of specialists of civil aviation will be constructed in Astana, the CEO of RGP "Kazaeronavigation" Azat Bekturov reported. The press service of the Ministry for Investments and Development of Kazakhstan reports.

"Considering modern calls of civil aviation and, in particular, in the sphere of providing branch with high quality experts, we want to expand our opportunities, having begun work on creation of the advanced regional training center in Astana. Its construction is planned to begin next year," he told at the opening ceremony of a regional symposium of ICAO on aviation preparation and TRAINAIR PLUS.

According to him, the task of vocational training of personnel in the field of civil aviation not only on internal, but also in the regional and international markets is set.

"On our vision, the new center will be aimed at involvement of the best experts and experts having knowledge and experience in all areas of aviation branch. We plan that the center will become regional institute where aviation experts of the countries of the region and Central Asia will increase the knowledge and efficiency of the work. The center the innovative technologies and methods of training based on base of resources of ICAO will take root," Bekturov noted.

He has added that RGP "Kazaeronavigation" is ready to cooperate closely with all interested organizations for adaptation and realization of educational and methodical complexes and also coeducation of aviation experts in the new center.

On the basis of the operating training center of vocational training specialists of Kazaeronavigation and all branch of civil aviation improve skills. The center cooperates with the international organizations and since 2016 is the full member of the ICAO TRAINAIR Plus Program, Bekturov told.

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