The concept "religious radicalism" will be stated in the legislation of Kazakhstan

24 November, 2017, 14:39 717
The concept

According to experts, introduction of such definitions will allow to divide and give accurately a legal treatment to destructive activity in the religious sphere.

The minister of religions and civil society affairs Nurlan Ermekbayev suggested to use the European experience for decrease in threat from religious radicals and terrorists during the briefing in the MFA, correspondent reported.

In the performance he has told about work on the bill on questions of religious activity and religious associations, providing entering of 53 changes and additions into three codes and nine laws Kazakhstan.

"We attentively studied the European standard practice. In recent years in the countries of Europe a number of the effective measures allowing to reduce considerably threats from religious radicals and terrorists is accepted. Meanwhile in our legislation still there is even no accurate definition of radical religious activity. Therefore in the bill we have considered the European experience and have gone on the way of inclusion of such norms in the legislation," the minister told.

According to him, department plans to enter into the bill new concepts - "a destructive religious trend" and "religious radicalism".

"As you know, it is impossible to forbid religious trends in practice though they can be destructive for our spiritual development of society. And some destructive currents are deprived of organizational structure that represents for us complexity in prohibition. Introduction of such definitions will give the chance to accurately divide and give a legal treatment to destructive activity in the sphere of religion. It will allow us to work and take measures, without forbidding any religious trend. In general these norms won't allow to extend ideology of radicalism under cover of religion or to provoke terrorist activity," he emphasized.