The festival of the Scandinavian movies will take place in Almaty

21 August, 2017, 13:42 261
The festival of the Scandinavian movies will take place in Almaty

Displays of movies of the Scandinavian directors will take place in Almaty on August 24-27 on several platforms: in an art shelter "Bunker", city cafe "Cafeteria" and in Theatre of neighbors, reported.

Nordic Film Festival/Norway & Sweden is the Kazakhstan's first festival of the Scandinavian cinema. The modern movies released in Norway and Sweden and which haven't been presented on big screens in Kazakhstan, in original language with subtitlings in Russian are presented in the Nordic Film Festival program.

The viewer can choose the genre which was pleasant to him: adventures, drama, comedy, documentary cinema. An entrance on all film sessions - free. In the program of a festival to Almaty such movies as "A serious game" (Sweden), "An ice dragon" (Sweden), "1001 grams" (Norway), "Optimists" (Norway), "Beat!" (Norway).

"We have tried to collect in the Nordic Film Festival program the most picturesque and on the truth northern movies which clear things, such as love, friendship and happiness could tell the Kazakhstan viewer about Swedes and Norwegians through all. Movies allow to experience a measured and quiet northern way of life, and they give an opportunity to think of how we after all are similar with northerners," the chairman of the board of trustees of Scandinavian Council Daniar Beksultan has explained.
For convenience of the audience the program of a festival is prepared in two formats which can be downloaded on the smartphone, the tablet or the netbook.

"Scandinavian Council exists slightly less than a year. And from the very first days we wanted to show to Kazakhstan citizens Scandinavia through feature films. In it we with pleasure were supported by the ambassador of Sweden Mr. Christiaan Kamil and the ambassador of Norway Mr. Ole Johan Boernoy who have helped to deliver movies to Kazakhstan, and we are deeply grateful to them for it," the executive director of Scandinavian Council Evgenia Salagdinova says.

Next year organizers plan to show movies from Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

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