The first small industrial zone to be created in Kokshetau

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03 August, 2018, 17:24 308
The first small industrial zone to be created in Kokshetau

Entrepreneurs will be presented with ready commercial buildings, offices with a full infrastructure.  


The unique project is a small industrial zone Atameken - Kamkor is being launched in Kokshetau. The memorandum is concluded by the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Akmola region and KAMKOR AUTOSERVICE LLP, correspondent reports. 

If an entrepreneur wants to open an office, to create a sewing room, bakery, auto service or any other facility of small-size entrepreneurship, then it is a good opportunity to develop a business.  

Within the small industrial zone, entrepreneurs are presented with ready commercial buildings and offices with a full infrastructure. All of this is provided on favourable terms. Preferential prices and terms - the priod up to 2 months are provided. 

Indeed, the small industrial zone is a business city, Akmola residents got the idea from Turkey, China and other states. 

"It has all logistics advantages, and to be clear the convenient location - on the way out of the city, near the main road Kokshetau-Astana. The total square is 3.5 hectares. The square of the building is more than 4 thousand square metres," they said in the Chamber. 

The territory of the small industrial zone has a developed infrastructure" rail and access roadss, necessary utility systems are provided, the Internet, telecommunication. It also has offices, commercial, storage heated rooms. 

As of today, a number of application from entrepreneurs has been received. As an example, Azamat Sharipov plans to base a advertisment and print company on the territory of the small industrial zone. 

"As got interested after I found out. There are ready rooms, telecommunication, the high-speed Internet. There is all necessary infrastructure. Why one can not develop its business? I like the conditions," said Azamat Sharipov, Commercial Director at Status RK LLP.  

The Chamber of Entrepreneurs intends to provide all necessary support and maintenance to implement the project. 

"The participants of the small industrial zone can get the entire range of services of the Chamber - cosultation and legal support, training for entrepreneurship and within this business incubator to get a support to market products, marketing project studies, an access to information and expert sources. The pecularity of the project is the presence of the ready rooms with various infrastructure. All this makes it easy for entrepreneurs to save time, and, of course, funds," said Director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Akmola region Timur Nakhipbekov. 

It is planned to implement such projects in other areas of Akmola region in the future.