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The flow of tourists to Kazakhstan started to grow again

25 September, 2017, 11:36 348
The flow of tourists to Kazakhstan started to grow again

Growth of entrance tourism was preceded by a tendency of reduction of tourist flow to Kazakhstan within two years.

For January-June, 2017 about 3,6 million people as a tourist has arrived to Kazakhstan, reported.

Thus, the volume of entrance visitors in comparison with level has increased by 20,5% the previous year, or by 605,9 thousand people.

We will remind that the similar growth of interest in Kazakhstan from foreign tourists has been recorded in January-June, 2013 when the number of visitors has increased by 22,2%. However, in 2015-2016 tourist flow volume to Kazakhstan was reduced at first by 7%, then for 1,2%.

Increase in tourist flow to the country has supported the domestic hotel and restaurant sector. In only six months of the current year of hotel, hostels, sanatoria and the resorts of Kazakhstan have accepted 416,2 thousand foreign visitors. It is 28,7% more than number of the nonresident guests served for January-June of last year.

It is remarkable that the number of tourists arrived to Kazakhstan on personal whole (+35,9%), and with the business and professional purposes (+27,5%) has grown.

We will remind that business tourism was a basis of a gain of number of foreign visitors to Kazakhstan, at the same time visit of the republic by independent tourists was reduced in 2015-2016.

Including at the expense of foreign tourists the popularity of 12 resort areas of Kazakhstan from 17 has grown.

Most actively the tourist's appeal of the Karkaralinsky resort area grew - in a year the number of visitors has increased by 7,7 thousand people and has made 16,6 thousand for January-June, 2017.

Also inflow of vacationers in Zerenda - has increased by 5,5 thousand, up to 14,5 thousand people, and in resort areas near Almaty - by 5,3 thousand, to 55 thousand people.

We will remind, on June 27, 2017 the government has accepted the Concept of development of tourist branch till 2023 which provides creation of six regional cultural and tourist clusters.

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