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The Government designed a roadmap for ‘The five social initiatives’

13 March, 2018, 14:22 299
The Government designed a roadmap for ‘The five social initiatives’

The roadmap was designed jointly with the interested state bodies and the National Bank. In total, the roadmap consists of 35 measures.

The Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan (MNE) prepared a roadmap on the implementation of “The five social initiatives of the President”, correspondent reports.  

“The first direction “New possibilities of buying housing for each family”. The main executor is the National Bank, and the Ministry for Investments and Development that represents the Government. The main measures regard the approval of the program “7-20-25” and amendments to the normative legal acts for its implementation,” Minister of the MNE Timur Suleimenov told at the meeting of the Government.  

He noted that a special affiliated organization to buy out mortgage loans would be created.

At the same time, the Minister said that it is planned to consider the increase in financing of the program “Nurly zher” on the infrastructure in the amount of 20 billion tenge per year and the introduction of amendments to it with considering the norms of “7-20-25”.

“The second direction – “Reduction of the tax burden to increase the salaries of low-paid employees.” Within the direction, it is planned to work out proposals on the change of the norms of the tax legislation. The reduction of the amount of the individual personal income for the employees with low salaries will be considered. It is planned to consider the order of imposing and the mechanism of administrating the individual personal income. In addition, the possibilities of introducing a progressive scale of individual personal income will be studied.” Suliemenov said.

According to him, the measures will be finished in August. However, the introduction of a new mechanism will enter into force from January 1, 2019, in the connection of the beginning of a new tax period.

“The third direction is “To increase the accessibility and quality of high education and to improve the living conditions for students.”. In this direction, within the elaboration of the budget, it is planned to increase state educational orders with emphasis on technical specialties. The issues on the development of the infrastructure of the education system will be elaborated. By April, the draft decisions of the Government to increase grants in technical and agricultural specialties will be designed,” the head of the Ministry of national Economy said.

It is also planned to define mechanisms and to develop legislative amendments on the construction of dormitories on the principles of public and private partnership.  

“By the end of the May, the Governors will have allocated lands nearby the territories of the universities and colleges for the construction of dormitories and have laid engineering communications,” Suleimenov said.

The fourth direction “Expanding of micro crediting” is assigned to the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population. In this direction, it is planned to introduce amendments to the program of development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship for 2017-2021 in May.

“The amendments will be focused on the increase of financing of micro credits in cities and rural areas and the facilitation to the development of entrepreneurship.

The mechanisms of presenting microcredits on the implementation of the projects on anchor cooperation around large agricultural enterprises. In addition, it is planned to design approaches of financing of micro credit organization on a non-pledge basis,” Suleimenov said.

“The fifth direction “Further gasification of the country”. The main executor if the Ministry of Energy. This direction focuses on the construction of the first stage of the main gas pipeline of Saryarka. By June, the schemes and conditions of the project’s financing will have been defined. It is planned to attract the funds of the IFOs such as EBRD, EDB and others. The Governors will allocate lands for the main pipeline in June this year,” the Minister said.

As the head of the Ministry noted, after the approval of the proposed roadmap, the central and local executive bodies would immediately start the implementation of the social projects of the head of state.