The group preparing terrorist attack for the Independence Day of Kyrgyzstan liquidated near Bishkek

29 August, 2017, 14:32 921
The group preparing terrorist attack for the Independence Day of Kyrgyzstan liquidated near Bishkek

Intelligence agencies of Kyrgyzstan liquidated the armed terrorist group which planned terrorist attacks on August 31 in day of celebration of the independence of Kyrgyzstan near Bishkek, SCNS reported to the correspondent of 

Special operation was conducted in Chuy Region in the north of the country today. Two men were suggested to give up, however those have opened fire. During backfire by fighters of special troops two fighters have been killed, the third member of the terrorist organization was wounded.

"There are no losses and wounded among law enforcement officers," SCNS reported.

On the venue of special operation the RGD-5 grenade, the Makarova gun and knives are found. 

"The terrorist group planned to realize criminal plans during the celebration of the Independence Day of Kyrgyzstan, providing commission of armed attack and commission of terrorist attacks in the city of Bishkek and Chuy Region, with use of improvised explosive devices," the department said.

Also intelligence agencies report about detention of several helpers of terrorist group. They are installed by the judgment to the pre-trial detention center. In the car and at the place of residence of one of helpers the revolver, service cartridges of various caliber, shops of the Makarova gun are found.

According to militia, on the night of August 24 in Bishkek militiamen have stopped the Nissan Presage minivan in which inside there were four men. When the militiaman has approached the car and has asked documents for the driver, the passenger sitting on a back seat through a window has put a gun to the militiaman's head. Then militiamen have partitioned off to them a way by the car. Other passenger of the car has pulled out a grenade and, having pulled out the check, has threatened that he will blow up all.

After that malefactors have at great speed disappeared. Militiamen have begun a pursuit, however malefactors managed to disappear. All this time law enforcement agencies searched for malefactors.

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