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The most high-paid and low-paid jobs in Kazakhstan in 2017 were announced

31 January, 13:25 1113
The most high-paid and low-paid jobs in Kazakhstan in 2017 were announced

In Kazakhstan, according to the results of 2017, the top ten high-paid and low-paid jobs were announced.

In the past year, the average salary of heads of companies exceeded the salary of workers with the highest level of qualification twice. It was said by the Statistics Committee of the Ministry of National Economy, reported.

To get information on the size of the average monthly salary in current specialties, the committee conducted a one-time survey of enterprises and organizations in certain types of economic activity. The survey covers employees who worked a full month in September. The survey was conducted using the State Classification of Occupations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, approved by the Decree of the State Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan on October 16, 1999 No.22.

According to the results of the survey, the differentiation in salaries by types of economic activity between groups of occupations, specialties of workers has been preserved. The average salary of employees classified as leaders was 2 times higher than the salaries of specialists at the highest professional level, 2,6 times higher than those of mid-level qualifications and 4,4 times higher than those of unskilled workers.

The highest salary was found among the heads of all levels in air transport organizations - 943.5 thousand tenges, this is 2,3 times higher than the average salary of managers at all levels of construction and 7,1 times in public administration and defense; obligatory social security. It should be noted that specialists of higher and secondary skill levels received a high salary in the production of crude oil and natural gas - 596.9 thousand tenges and 513.4 thousand tenges.

In the context of the types of economic activities and occupations of employees, a significant gap in salaries has been remained. In the sphere of crude oil and natural gas production, the most highly paid specialists were technical supervision engineers (754,000 KZT), drilling engineers (854,000 KZT) and well anchoring engineers (1,844,000 KZT).

In the construction industry, among the specialists of the highest level of qualification, the maximum salary was received by managers (381 thousand tenges), and by qualified engineers (357 thousand tenges).

In the agriculture, forestry and fisheries of high-skilled specialists, agricultural drivers (208,000 tenges) and tractor drivers (191,000 tenges) received high salaries, and fishermen of the sea zone, sheared and farmers received salaries within 31-35 thousand tenges.

As for the main groups of positions and professions, the average salary of women was lower than that of men. On average, the salaries of men working as head of all levels of the organization were 575 thousand tenges, the interpreter - 312 thousand tenge, the economist - 238 thousand tenge, the bookkeeper - 186 thousand tenge. This is 1,2 - 2 times higher than the average salary of women of similar positions and professions.

Differentiation of wages by occupation groups and by occupation (positions) differs in the regions.

In September 2017, the average salary in the range of observed types of economic activity among heads of organizations in Astana and Almaty was the highest salary - 926 thousand tenges and 888 thousand tenges. This position was less paid in South Kazakhstan, Zhambyl, and Kyzylorda regions, where managers received from 251 to 282 thousand tenges. Throughout the regions of the republic, the difference between the maximum salary of the head of the organization and its minimum value was 3,7 times.

High salaries of the economist were observed in Atyrau and Mangistau regions - 389 thousand tenges and 313 thousand tenges, respectively, and low - 105 - 113 thousand tenges in Zhambyl and North Kazakhstan regions. The salary levels of the doctor varied, in Astana - 205 thousand tenges, and in South Kazakhstan region - 130 thousand tenges.

The average salary of the teacher of the higher educational institution was about 137 thousand tenges, and its difference between the regions was 2,7, the teacher in secondary education and primary school - 114 thousand tenge and with a difference of 1,6, the educator - 78 thousand tenges with a 1,5 difference.