The new waste recycling plant can appear in Kazakhstan

11 October, 2017, 14:38 369
The new waste recycling plant can appear in Kazakhstan

It is supposed that the foreign company will spend about 100 million dollars for construction of waste recycling plant.

In Kazakhstan the new waste recycling plant can appear. Construction of such plant in our country was proposed by the Italian company Bionet. During the press conference in the Government the vice chairman of the board of JSC National Company Kazakh Invest Birzhan Kaneshev reported about it, correspondent reported.

"We on the EXPO had a pavilion. Within our platform we have held more than 150 meetings with heads of the leading states, leaders in investments. Following the results more than 20 documents have been signed. These are concrete documents on perspective projects. The Bionet company which represents Italy has made the offer on construction of the plant on household waste. This very important direction which demands development. The predicted sum - about 100 million dollars," the vice chairman of the board of the joint-stock company "The Kazakh Invest national company Birzhan Kaneshev told.

As the representative of Kazakh Invest has noted the main directions of projects after which the company has signed contracts within EXPO 2017, petrochemistry, pharmaceutics, mechanical engineering and IT technologies.

The pharmaceutical plant of Polfarm plans to reinvest in adjacent production.

"We have no research and scientific laboratories of pharmacy today accredited, certified at the international level. Therefore this good direction for support in general branches. The last project represents IT solutions for smart projects of the city of Astana," the speaker added.

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