The number of the registered economic crimes in Kazakhstan was cut by half

06 October, 2017, 14:41 354
The number of the registered economic crimes in Kazakhstan was cut by half

At the same time the quality of pre-judicial investigation has improved. Recoverability of damage has increased by 28,7%.

In Kazakhstan the number of the registered economic crimes in nine months 2017 was cut by half in comparison with the same period of 2016. The vice-chairman of Committee of state revenues of the Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan Tleu Zhangarashev has reported about it during the meeting of Council for protection of the rights of businessmen and to anti-corruption of NPP Atameken, correspondent reported.

"In 9 months of the current year in comparison with the same period of last year the number of the registered criminal cases with 6 356 to 3077 was twice reduced," he reported.

At the same time, as the speaker has noted, the quality of pre-judicial investigation has improved. The quantity stopped on the rehabilitating bases of criminal cases has decreased five times (with 3 109 to 635), recoverability of damage has increased by 28,7% (from 46,8% to 75,5%)

Such indicators are explained by cardinal change of an order of registration of materials in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations.

Pre-judicial investigation begins only after the establishment of the amount of damage supported by acts and other documents of authorized bodies.

Thus in pre-judicial investigation of economic crimes have passed from quantity to quality. Complaints of businessmen are analyzed.

"It is necessary to recognize that violations are allowed, and we work on it, critically we react to each of them. But from all arrived complaints, only a small part is confirmed. To us on actions and decisions of our employees for this year from subjects of business 140 complaints from which 13 were confirmed have arrived, 13 employees of service of economic investigations are brought to disciplinary responsibility," he explained.

Along with it bodies of state income concentrate on taxpayers and participants of foreign economic activity with a high risk of violation of the law. Already today the number of tax audits have reduced by 37,8%, at the same time their efficiency is twice increased.

Similarly on customs inspections, reduction for 26% (569). At the same time the exactitude on customs payments and indirect taxes on import has increased by 55%.

"For implementation of pointed tax and customs control in the risk management system applied by us today new subject-oriented approach which essence consists in categorization of taxpayers and not application of any forms of tax control to subjects with low degree of risk is tested," he said.

In July of the current year the article 215 "False entrepreneurship" is excluded from the Criminal code. Are exempted from criminal liability guilty of economic crime if they have for the first time allowed non-payment of taxes in a large size and have completely compensated the penalty sum.

Practice of purpose of tax audits on criminal cases is considerably minimized.

For determination of the sum of the caused damage specialists of tax authority who on the available documents and data from information systems conduct remote researches are attracted and issue the corresponding conclusions. Check not entire tax period, only concrete transactions are investigated.

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