The palace of combat sport to appear in Astana

12 October, 2017, 18:22 342
The palace of combat sport to appear in Astana

The head of SA "Management of Architecture and Town Planning of the City of Astana" Bakytbay Taytaliyev during the press conference in CCS told about objects of Astana which will appear in the next several years, reported.

"In the next 3-5 years except housing in Astana there will be a set of objects, is under construction along the water-green boulevard of "Abu-Dabi Plaza" - it will be the highest building in Central Asia, it will appear in the next years, also the palace of combat sport on Kabanbaya Avenue will appear. The discussed subject – the water-green boulevard is in development at the world famous architect now," Bakytbay Taytaliyev told.

Also the architect has told in what direction the city will develop, having designated the main.

"Our city develops extensively, it is possible to tell the main directions is in east direction – the Avenue of the millennium, from the area "Kazakh Eli" towards the new railway station, it is very big territory, about 800 hectares there. We think, on 80 thousand people housing, subjects to service will appear there," the architect reported.

As the speaker noted, building in the southern direction of the city will be conducted along avenues Mangilik el, Kabangbai batyr, Turan. Meanwhile, the post-exhibition space of the EXPO is planned to be built up as the third downtown.

"We have a historic center on the right coast now, the green boulevard – the administrative center which smoothly passes to the right coast, the avenue of the millennium he picks up, here is such a big central axis. The third center which will appear is post-exhibition space of the EXPO. It is to the west of the Khan-Shatyr complex - the east southern-western priorities of the city," he added.

Also the speaker emphasized, the new Palace of school students has a big reconstruction, the new area with new objects, schools, kindergartens, public objects will appear there.

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