The trail of Genghis Khan’s commander: expedition to the Heavenly Empire

18 July, 2018, 14:02 227
The trail of Genghis Khan’s commander: expedition to the Heavenly Empire

It is expected delegates will tour the main sights of to the Heavenly Empire – People’s Republic of China.

The delegation from Almaty region departure the trail of the ancient man Mukali Zhalairi who was a commander of the tribe of Jalair, who lived in the period from 1170 to 1223 years. Mukali is recognizable as the first of four main commanders of the army of Genghis Khan, reports.

The participants of the expedition plan a tour of such attractions as the Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Army, the Grand Mosque of Xi'an, the Historical Museum of Shaanxi Province, the Forbidden City, the National Museum of China and the Nyuzze Mosque.

The international expedition titled Mukali was organized by the regional department of internal policy within the framework of the implementation of Rukhani Zhangury state program

The delegation includes 19 people, particularly the director of the Zhalyn publishing house, writer Beksultan Nurzhekeyev, the famous Kazakhstan artist Januzak Musapir, the People's Artist of the Kazakhstan Nurgali Nusipzhanov, the rector of the Eurasian Law Academy Omirali Zhalairi, the Academician of Art Marat Nusipov and many others.

"The purpose of the visit is to get acquainted with the places where the great Kazakh Mukali was and left historical memories.

The famous Chingis scholar Amre Arin noted that according to historical data, Mukali led a war against the Jin Dynasty. During the campaign of Genghis Khan to Central Asia, Mukali was the commander-in-chief and moreover ruled the region as the main representative of Genghis Khan in his absence.

According to Amre Arin, Genghis Khan treated Mukali not as a subordinate, but more as a friend, ally.

The head of the Internal Policy Department, Rustam Alpysbaev, told in details about goals and tasks, as well as the organization of the expedition. Within 6 days the delegation will study historical sites that have preserved the memory of one of the closest associates of Genghis Khan.

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