There is no other aim than to eliminate nuclear weapons - Nazarbayev

29 August, 2018, 18:00 1183
There is no other aim than to eliminate nuclear weapons - Nazarbayev

On August 29, the Kazakh head of state visited an architectural object presented by Aktobe region on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the capital city. 


Nursultan Nazarbayev on August 29 opened a new attraction of the capital city 'Stena mira' (The Wall of Peace) in the International Day againt Nuclear Tests, correspondent reports. 

The event was attended by heads of diplomatic missions, prominent state and public figures, deputies of the Parliament, representatives of intelligentsia, a delegation of Aktobe region, as well as participants of the International Conference of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Weapon-Bun Treaty Organization being held these days in Astana. 

Credit: Baurzhan Zhuassbayev

Credit: Baurshan Zhuassbayev 

The special gift was located in the axis of the Square of Independence near the Kazakh eli monument. 

Credit: Baurzhan Zhuassbayev 

"We have gathered to celebrate the International Day against Nuclear Tests. The entire humanity, all nations, all representatives should be interested in eliminating atomic weapons which are the threat to humanity. Kazakhstan is the leader of the movement, we are recognized as such, therefore this date was chosen in the UN as the Day against nuclear weapons. And, in this day we open another object - a monument," said Nursultan Nazarbayev. 

Credit: Baurzhan Zhuassbayev

According to the head of state, by this action Kazakhstan inspires trust among humanity.  

"Through this action Kazakhstan inspires trust among humanity, as well as continues the fight within the meeting on trust measures in Asia, the Congress of the World and Traditional Religions and other forums, the venue of which is our capital city. Therefore, I thank our friends from Aktobe who presented this object on the occasion of the Capital city's Day, which will be message to the young generation to preserve peace of humanity," said the President.

Credit: Baurzhan Zhuassbayev 

Nursultan Nazarbayev underlined that we do not have other aim than to fight and eliminate nuclear weapons. 

"The main thing that we tell our youth, future generation is that we have fought for it and fight, so that they remeber and respect the moments of history, and avoid the disasters our ancestors had," he said. 

Credit: Baurzhan Zhuassbayev

In the end, the President congratulated everyone on the upcoming holiday, and wished strong health, hapiness and success. 

At the solemn opening of the monument, Governor of Aktobe region Berdybek Saparbayev took part. According to him, it is an honor for the region to erect such an object for the capital city devoted to preserve peace in the entire world. 

"It has a LED-screen with a size of 612 square metres. If I am not mistaken, there is no such a screen in Kazakhstan. We want to show, firstly, things done by Kazakhstan and its President to keep peace. Secondly, all events that will take place in Kazakhstan, including Astana, will be screened for Astana citizens and guests," said Bergybek Saparbayev.  

Credit: Baurzhan Zhuassbayev

According to the design of the architect, the wall creating barriers transforms into a roof in the shape of a leaf which unifies and gives protection, thus protecting, unifying the peoples, gathering them in a unified circle that symbolizes traditional Turk Kurultai. 

The complex is made of metal and natural stone, and consists of three parts. The first part symbolizes disconnectedness and isolation, the second part - the hope, freedom and independence, the third one - the way to preserve peace and international accord. 

The total length of the monument is 111 metres, the maximum width - 18.4 metres.  

Credit: Baurzhan Zhuassbayev 

During the construction of the monument, 1200 tons of granite with the total area of 6 000 sq.m. were used. As well as the word 'Peace' is written in 51 languages. 

In addition to the visiual content, the authors paid attention to its usability: see-through surface panels of the roof have an in-built Led system with the size of 616 sq.m., which consists of 2.5 million light-emitting diodes. It enables to translate any bright digital images of large sizes.

The picture is displayed on the screen from the server room, in which modern video-, audio and switching equipment of European producers is installed. 

Credit: Baurzhan Zhuassbayev

The unique art-object will be an ideal venue to hold political, cultural and mass, information events. 

The cost of the present is 1 billion 800 million tenges. 

We note in 2016 the contest fpr the best design concept of the Wall of Peace in Astana was announced. The winner was an architecture studio from Lithuania. 

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