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There will be no hurry – Abayev on the introduction of a new alphabet

20 February, 15:37 171
There will be no hurry – Abayev on the introduction of a new alphabet

However, the Minister noted that the ‘’kz’ domain will remain the same yet.

The Minister of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Dauren Abayev, told about inconveniences in using apostrophes of the Latin alphabet and also about the domain change on the sidelines of the Government meeting, correspondent reports.

“The specialists who worked in this area had some questions. An apostrophe serves as a special sign, as a separator. It makes searching elements, algorithms, and even certain financial ones difficult.  The head of state heard opinions of specialists and of those who deal with IT. You know that various specialists are getting involved in the discussion on transition to the Latin script. Opinions have been taken into consideration. And the current version will be more effective,” said the Minister.

As Dauren Abayev noted, a group of the Ministry of Information and Communications of Kazakhstan led the technical implementation of the alphabet.

‘It is a relatively final version; we all know very well that, possibly, no perfect alphabet exists. Life dictates rules and necessary decisions. Therefore, I think this work will apparently be continued in terms of a practical use.  However, in my opinion, this version is more acceptable at the current stage and took the views not only of linguists, but even of IT specialists,’ explained the Minister.

According to Abayev, it is the evidence of the fact that the head of state pays attention to a public opinion when dealing with important strategic decisions.

The Minister also reported that website domains will not be changed at the moment.

“There is no need to immediately change ‘kz’ to ‘’qz’ or ‘qaz’. This question is out of agenda. There will be no haste, no one will force anyone. Everything is to be done appropriately. At the moment everything will be the same,” Dauren Abayev emphasized.

According to the Minister, those who switched signboards into the Latin script will have to correct them as the current version is the final one.