To be mesmerized by Robot of love visit Nur Alem sphere in Astana

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08 August, 2018, 11:25 462
To be mesmerized by Robot of love visit Nur Alem sphere in Astana

A unique robot is one of the participants of the exhibition which is taking place at Nur Alem sphere on the EXPO-2017 territory.

Roboregistry, virtual reality zone, robot-actor reciting Shakespeare and a lot of other wonderful entertainment were presented at Robotics Dance in Astana, correspondent reports.

The Robotics Dance is a collection of modern robots and the latest achievements of technology from the US, Europe, South Korea and Japan. In total, there are 20 exhibits, which visitors can see until September 26 this year.

According to one of who operates a stand Gulsaya Tatikova, Roboregistry can effect marriages but in unofficial form. The robot of love provides for an opportunity to test relations, to be convinced of the compatibility, having answered some questions, for example, "how much children would you want?" or "how do you think how much love lives?", register your marriage, get a certificate, rings, and photos for memory. All this is absolutely free, but not legal. This is a comic ceremony.

British robot Tespian is a favorite of the Robotiscs Dance’ s visitors due to its communicative abilities, dancing and reciting skills.

In words of one who operates a stands Nurlybek Kanaly Tespian was born due to recycled materials as well as the other exhibits.

One more feature of the exhibition is Derevyaka – house sprite fortune telling and handing round a hat. In order to know his future, a person needs to place a palm in the "mouth" of Derevyaka and wait for his reaction. Prediction can be completely unexpected.

One of the organizers of the exhibition Suphkhon Ziyabayev told that the event gathered robots from all over the world England, Russia, US.  The first country which hosted Robotics Dance in 2015 was Moscow.

Every time the exhibition attended by a huge number of visitors. Robot stations and the Robotics Dance have visited many Baltic countries, Russian cities, and we are honored to represent it here in Kazakhstan. A territory of EXPO-2017 is quite interesting- each millimeter is something modern and innovative.  

The exhibition presents 20 robots and various interactive games.

It should be noted Street musicians- a unique band including violinist, drummer, and hatter by artists Aleksandr Getsoy made from waste and rubbish.

Sukhpon Ziyabaev added the key goal of the robotic station is an origin of the engineering idea. To attract the young generation to the industry of robototechnics. After all, robots will not replace people, they will ease our lives with you. They will perform monotonous work, they will help in all spheres of our life. At this stage, they can’t exist independently.

This year Kazakhstan’ Government initiated a plan, one of the points of which is Robot police launching at the EXPO-2017 territory. Currently, RoboPSC and Kazpost robotic office started their work in a pilot mode. Chief manager of News technologies and IT department Damir Ibrayev told it is expected 17 robot guides will work in Nur Alem sphere within the abovementioned initiative.  

“Each of them on his floor tells about his exposition answer your questions. The robots were given names that relate more to their exposure, as we had at Expo-2017, for example, Saule, which personified the energy of the sun, " Damir Ibraev said.

Besides, the robots will work in the field on an ongoing basis. Their functions are familiarizing the visitors with the themes of each floor of the Nur Alem sphere.

To date, robot guides speak Russian and English, but by the end of the year, the department together with Google plans to introduce a Kazakh-language functional.

According to the chief manager of News technologies and IT department,  robots guides are manufactured in Russia and then imported to Kazakhstan. Their introduction goals the development of interest in robotechnics among the young generation.

A word on virtual reality zone consisting of three modules located on the first floor of Nur Alem sphere.

The first module is a tour around Astana and Almaty.

“While touring around Almaty and Astana using a VR-glasses you can fly around the main sights of these cities,” deputy director of the department of new technologies and IT Kuanysh Dairbek explained.

The second module is a Game room. Here there is an interactive guide, which everyone will conduct an excursion into the world of virtual reality.

"The third module is ethnic-aul, here you can return to the past, to the ethnic village of the Kazakh people. You can see the life of ancestors, go through the yurts, go inside, look at the life of our ancestors. You can also use the bow, arrows and online you can shoot at targets," Dairbek added.

Photos and video made by Kenzhetai Akseitov