To cancel using box-booths in courts proposed in Kazakhstan

13 July, 2018, 14:00 280
To cancel using box-booths in courts proposed in Kazakhstan

Also, a service of translators was proposed to create in courts.

The legal profession works on a number of proposals that according to the law association will facilitate to develop the judicial system. It was said by Executive Director of the Republican Collegium of Lawyers Sergei Sizintsev at the expanded collegium of the Supreme Court in Astana following the results of the work for the last half year, correspondent reports.

“We propose to develop international standards to organize sitting for the accused and the parties of the trial. Not to use box-booths, to ensure sitting of attorneys at a table and in a chair. To ensure access of citizens to legal assistance in court promises, to create rooms for the presence of a lawyer,” said Sergey Sizintsev.

He also noted the need for single interaction procedures of the Collegium of lawyers, law employments and justice institutions.

“Further association of all lawyers who provide professional legal assistance should be conducted. And, it should take place on the base of the law profession. The level of professional qualification of lawyers should be increased. Single interaction procedures of the collegium of lawyers, law enforcement agencies and justice institutions are needed,” said Sizintsev.