Toll roads’ share to reach 72% by 2022 in Kazakhstan

29 January, 2019, 12:22 1475
Toll roads’ share to reach 72% by 2022 in Kazakhstan

Since this January, a charging system run on the roads Astana-Temirtau (134km), Almaty-Kapshgay (42km) and Almaty-Khorgos (295km). 

Following three quarters of 2018, the length of public roads equaled 96 thousand kilometers, with 24 thousand kilometers of roads of nationwide significance, in Kazakhstan, correspondent reports referring to Energyprom.  

Development of roads of nationwide significance is funded out of the national budget each year. However, in the period from January-November 2018, road development expenses made up 152 billion tenge – by 23.3% less than last year. The biggest figure was seen in 2016: KZT 287.1 billion. The downward trend in growth was from 2016 to 2018, a 47.1% fall in the expenses within the given period.

Nevertheless, transport-related tax revenues increase each year. In January-November 2018, the figure was the biggest over the last 5 years, totaling KZT67.2 billion. In a given period of 2017, transport-related taxes accounted to KZT60 billion, a 27.9% year-over-year increase.

In addition to free-of-charge roads of nationwide significance, there is only one highway Astana-Shchuchinsk (211km) managed by JSC NC KazAutoZhol commenced in 2013, which is the national road management operator in Kazakhstan. The highway Astana-Shchuchinsk is a toll section of the road Astana-Petropavl. Fares are normally levied at a rate of KZT100 per local car, KZT200 for transit transport.

According to the Investment and Development Ministry’s Road Committee, in 2018 road toll charges from the highway Astana-Shchuchinsk made up KZT1.5 billion – a 1.7% year-over-year increase, thus reaching the biggest figure over the last 5 years. NC KazAutoZhol is to funnel all the funds for the toll section’s maintenance and expansion.

Starting with 26 January 2019, a charging system run on the roads Astana-Temirtau (134km), Almaty-Kapshgay (42km) and Almaty-Khorgos (295km).  Prepaid fares for cars are as follows: Astana-Temirtau – KZT200 (KZT400 in cash); Almaty-Kapshagay – KZT100 (KZT200 in cash); Almaty-Khorgos – KZT300 (KZT600 in cash), and fares for 16-seat buses and trucks of up to 2.5 tons cost 700, 200 and 1500 tenge respectively.

JSC NC KazAutoZhol manages and collects fares from the toll sections of the roads of nationwide significance.

Under the Development Plan for 2018-2022, KazAutoZhol plans to take the following actions: by 2022 a total of 490 billion tenge will have been allotted for the whole period to develop roads of nationwide significance, the share of toll roads will be 72%, with the total fares collected equaling 82.3 billion tenge, the length of toll roads shall expand to 15.8 thousand kilometers. The charging system launched this year on the toll sections of roads Astana-Temirtau (134km), Almaty-Kapshgay (42km) and Almaty-Khorgos (295km) could increase the total charges collected. 

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