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Tourist visit-centers to appear in sacred places of Kazakhstan

30 January, 14:36 273
Tourist visit-centers to appear in sacred places of Kazakhstan

They will appear in the Tamgaly natural boundary, the places Ulytau and Otyrar.  

In 2018, it is planned to build three visit-centers in sacred places of Kazakhstan, where museums, research centers hotels will be located. It was said by head of the research center “Kasiyetti Kazakhstan” (Sacred Kazakhstan) Berik Abdygaliuly, correspondent reported.

“It is planned to allocate funds to construct three visit-centers. The Ministry of Culture and Sports has already presented all necessary documents. The first is the construction in Almaty region in the place of Tanbaly tas, where there is a petroglyph, because it is in the international list of UNESCO. It is well-known at the international level. At the same time, many tourists visit it. The second is the Ulytau mountains, as you know, there are a lot of sacred places there. People visit these places, and they cannot get full information, stay overnight, once they come from far places. The third one is Otyrar, it is also well-known place,” Berik Abdygali told at the presentation of the “Nationwide sacred establishments of Kazakhstan” and “Regional establishments of Kazakhstan” books.

According to him, 685 sacred establishments were included into the presented books. Thus, one of those includes the most worshiped statues of natural heritage, archaeological statues and medieval city centers, religious and cultural establishments, which are the places of worship, sacred places, the places connected with historical persons, sacred places connected with historical and political persons. Thus, the “Nationwide sacred establishments of Kazakhstan” book is published in three languages with circulation of 1000 copies.  

The “Regional sacred establishments of Kazakhstan” book include the materials of search expeditions, publications of scientists, archive materials and data received from local historians. The book was published in two languages, with circulation of 1000 copies.

“It includes the establishments that were forgotten by the people. For instance, Tamgaly tas is in the present Susak district of South Kazakhstan region, it is a statue devoted to the integrity of the people of Kazakhstan, where signs of all generations are placed. Such establishments should be restored and revived,” the scientist said.

According to Berik Abdygaliuly, this year local specialists will continue the expedition to find new sacred placed. At the same time, on February of the present year an interactive map – a guide around sacred placed of Kazakhstan will be launched