Trains from Finland to travel through Kazakhstan

18 October, 2018, 11:59 803
Trains from Finland to travel through Kazakhstan

JSC NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy has concluded with Finnish Koulova Innovation Oy and Nurminen Logistics Serveces an agreement to develop container transport. 


The agreement was signed in Helsinki between the JSC NCK KTZ multimodal operator and Koulova Innovation Oy and Nurminen Logistics Serveces, correspondent reports. 

According to advisor to the Chairman of the Board of JSC NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Ruslan Imankulov, an agreement to develop container transport has been signed within the visit of Nursultan Nazarbayev to the Republic of Finland on October 16 this year between the JSC NC Kazakhstan Tenir Zholy multimodal operator and Finnish Koulova Innovation Oy (the Finnish city of Kouvola) and Nurminen Logistics Serveces. 

Photo credit: press service of KTZ

The agreement aims at increasing the volume of transport of cargo, developing logistics chains of supplies and services through the route from China to Finland through Kazakhstan. 

A start was given to the container train from Helsinki (Finland) to Hefei (China) timed to the visit of the Kazakh head of state to Finland. The planned transportation on this route includes up to 8 container trains a month. 

In the past year, the first container train was launched following the route Kouvola-Xi'an. So, the increase in the transportation is observed in Finland, Scandinavia and other countries with China through Kazakhstan. 

Photo credit: press service of KTZ

"In the past year, more than 30 container trains started on the route China-Kazakhstan-Finland. Since this year's beginning, 46 container trains have started on this route. We expect the increase in the flow of cargo by the year's end. We possess much scope for the joint realisation of transport potentials between Asian states and Finland," said Kanat Alpysbayev, the head of JSC NC KZT. 

In Helsinki, Kanat Alpysbayev had a meeting with Director-General of VR Groupe Jansson Rolf, during which the both exchanged the information on the current state and prospects for further development of transport and logistics cooperation.

In 2017, 31 container trains run on the route China-Kazakhstan-Finland (2496 TEU), 46 container trains (3848 TEU) in the 8 months of 2018. 

According to the parties, regular meetings between the heads of the railway administrations will make it possible to resolve expeditiously the issues so as to increase freight transport.  

In addition, Alpysbayev met with the head at Koulova Innovation Oy that produces cellulose - the main freight transported to Chian through Kazakhstan. 

At the meeting with the head at Nurminen Logistics Serveces, Olli Pohjanvirta, the positive trend in the development of freight transport on the route China-Kazakhstan-Finland and on the return route was noted. 


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