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Trends of media to be discussed at the Media Talks conference in Astana

26 February, 18:09 213
Trends of media to be discussed at the Media Talks conference in Astana

Media School Kazmedia in the partnership with the Madrid business-school IE Business School organize the platform.

In Astana, mega-trends of media will be discussed at the II Informal conference Media Talks: Media Trends and to look into the future. The headliner of the conference will be professor of IE Business School (Spain), a professional photographer, image maker with a 20-year field experience in 18 countries of the world Brain Hallett, reports.

He creates effective and grabbing brand stories for Cartier, Mastercard, Hugo Boss, Coca Cola, McDonald's, Max Factor, ESPN, Patek Phillipe, Hyundai, BMW, Pantene and Wella. His experience of work in North and South America, Europe and Asia created the understanding of the brand’s essence, consumer behavior, market identification and new tendencies in digital media.

At the II Informal conference Media Talks: Media Trends Brain Hallett will tell about his cases and deliver a 40-minute master class.

Among the other speakers were the winners of the republican contest "100 New Persons of Kazakhstan". She is a biomedical scientist, teacher of Nazarbayev University, Master of Biology, holder of a grant from the Union For International Cancer Control (UICC) Zarina Sautbaeva, music academician, pianist, soloist of the State Academic Philharmonic of Astana, winner of the “Zhan shuak” prize for contribution to the development of culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, co-developer of unique interactive program for blind children Saida Kalykova and successful entrepreneur-downshifter and public figure who is convinced that beekeeping has the prospects to become the export-oriented sector of agriculture Anatoly Dobrovolsky.

Deputy Director General for Strategic Development and International Cooperation, Ph.D., international economist with experience in the oil field, author and lecturer of corporate trainings on strategic communications and government relations, author and organizer of the "Millennium 3.0" public on Facebook Yerlik Karzhan will tell about the role of strategic communications and the challenges of modern media.

Moderator of the conference will be the head of Media School Kazmedia, the famous TV and radio journalist Makhabbat Yessen.

"In the world, a second wave of the embodiment of fantastic forecasts of the future, after a flight into outer space, the Internet and robots, has long begun in the world, and this innovation will have the same impact on the social structure and lifestyle that the 18th century technological revolution had.

The world will never be the same, but is it worth it to be afraid? For young people as a social group, this is a serious challenge, which its representatives will try to answer on February 27 at 7:00 pm at the Kazmedia Ortalygy film concert hall at the II Informal Conference Media Talks: Media Trends," the organizers said.