Turkestan region plans to increase number of tourists to 5 million by 2025

31 January, 2019, 10:42 1549
Turkestan region plans to increase number of tourists to 5 million by 2025

The head of the Regional Tourism and External Relations Department has told at a meeting in the region’s Governor’s Office. 

Governor of the Turkestan region Zhanseit Tuimebayev met with head of the Regional Tourism and External Relations Department Olzhas Zhintayev and head of the Regional Labor Inspectorate Department Almasbek Mamytbekov, during which the Governor heard the work done in 2018, BNews.kz correspondent reports.

In his report, the Regional Tourism and External Relations Department’s head noted that the region’s tourism sphere has a huge potential in terms of history and culture, pilgrimage, recreation and ecology.

“In a view of implementing the Head of State’s programme “Rukhani Zhangyru” and promoting domestic tourism’s potential, actions were taken in 2018 as well as a seminar-training involving UNESCO representatives, experts from Turkey, Tour Lab Turkish laboratory’s professionals for staff members of tourism business, museums, tour guides to improve the service quality. During the last year’s official visit, the Head of State singled out the importance of developing culture-history tourism, ski tourism in the Tolebiy district (Kaskasu), and recreational tourism in the Saryagash district. It is planned to increase the number of tourists to up to 5 million by 2025,” said Olzhas Shintayev.

They also told that the cumulative revenues from accommodation made up 1 013 875,8 million tenge over 9 months of 2018, 20.1% more compared to a given period in 2017.

The region’s Governor noted the need to create quality commercials and movies to improve the region’s image and attract tourists.  

“Thanks to the Head of State’s support, we are to increase the abovementioned figures by twice. Timely and quality actions are necessary to this end. I task to publish 6 books on 6 tourism destinations. They should include the pictures and information, and a road map. Healthy competitions between tour companies should be established,” said Zhanseit Tuimebayev.

Last year the region’s three tourist facilities joined the World List of Special Tourist Attractions. Taking into consideration tourism’s multiplier effect, the task to fulfill all tasks and instructions on all destinations has been set.

In addition, head of the Regional Labor Inspectorate Department Almasbek Mamytbekov told that in 2018, the Department examined and timely replied 1635 appeals from people. This figure fell by 30.7% compared in 2017.

According to him, the majority of appeals are received from the Saryagash, Makta Aral, Sairam districts and the city of Turkestan. Out of the total examined appeals in 2018, 38% concerns violations of salary payments, 23% - labor contract termination, 12% - delays in paying wages, 5% - breaches of working time regulations.

“Given the inspections carried out, 641 (1308) violations were revealed. Fines for violation of the labor legislation accounting to 18 783 050 tenge were imposed, with a 4.8% fall than last year,” said Mamytbekov.

The Department’s head also informed that the institutions registered with the participation of foreign capital underwent 8 inspections over 12 months of 2018, with 29 breaches of the law revealed. In addition, fines for 408 850 tenge were levied on 2 officials and legal entities, another 4 officials were subjected to administrative penalty in the form of warning. 

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