Two Kazakhstan's airlines have been suspended

12 November, 2018, 14:26 842
Two Kazakhstan's airlines have been suspended

As well as the exploitation of 17 planes has been stopped. 

The Collegium of the Head Transport Prosecutor's Office reviewed the results of work within 9 months of the present year. Two airlines and 17 planes have been suspended in the sphere of transport safety, reports referring to a press service of the Head Transport Prosecutor's Office. 

Following the press service, this year transport prosecutors have detected over 2 thousand breaches of the law, the rights of over 300 thousand citizens have been protected, as well as 757 persons have been prosecuted. 

Credit: press service of Head Transport Prosecutor's Office

1.1 billion tenge was recovered, including 825 million tenge in favour of the state, and the amount of salary arrears amounted to over 146 million tenge in favour of 3 900 employees following a response.    

139 illegal road transport haulers have been revealed, with 94 illegally upgraded buses have been suspended. 

More than 1600 km of oil and gas pipelines have been repaired and replaced under the supervision's revisions, the authorized bodies conduct works to establish security zones and minimum distances between main pipelines. 

"Prevention actions enabled to reduce the crime rate in transport premises by 9.5%, with a decrease in airbag thefts in Astana's airports to 50%, in Almaty to 23%. As part of the digitalization programme, 28 criminal cases have been dealt with electronically, of which 18 are complete, 3 were taken to court," they said in the Head Transport Prosecutor's Office. 

It was also informed that over 9 months the courts have heard 828 criminal cases of 970 persons. 

63 persons were sent to jail, criminal fines for a total of 224 million tenge have been imposed on 219 persons, of whom 98% or 220.8 million tenge has been paid voluntarily.  

"The Collegium also addressed reasons of gaps and shortcomings in work of some prosecutors, as well as organizational actions, were taken. Following the meeting, the Head Transport Prosecutor's Officer outlined specific tasks on which transport prosecutors will focus their efforts in the near future," they said in the press service. 

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