UAPF told on issues exercising depositors

07 August, 2018, 19:00 166
UAPF told on issues exercising depositors

Unified Accumulative Pension Fund consulted more than 118 thousand Kazakhstanis  on pension planning.

From April 2018 the Unified Accumulative Pension Fund provides consultations for depositors concerning pensions’ planning with a help of individual and corporate retirement calculator. During the three months of 2018, the Fund's branches conducted 118,517 personal consultations, the press center of the Fund reports.

The great number of consultations got citizens and guests of Almaty (18270 consultations), South Kazakhstan (16 011) Pavlodar region (7 881 consultations). It should be noted depositors are concerned with such hot points as a term of retirement, the ability to make contributions independently, investment income and guarantee of safety of pension savings, and, of course, the size of the pension and ways to increase it.

Due to a preliminary analysis, it may be supposed that advising the depositors (beneficiaries) by the Fund's experts has an impact on increasing the total number of voluntary pension contributions (VPC) accounts and pension savings on the accounts of VPC. In total in 2018, 1671 IPS were opened for voluntary pension contributions, while 1155 (69%) was opened in the second quarter. In addition, there is an increase in income on voluntary accounts. If in March 8.7 million tenge was transferred to the VPC accounts, in April the amount increased up to 10.5 million tenge, then in June it amounted to 49.5 million tenge," the press center reported.

Herewith the total amount of pension income also increases. From the beginning of 2018, it amounted to 407.5 billion tenge which is 11% more compared to the same period in 2017.