Ulytau int’l festival to gather musicians from 18 countries

09 July, 2018, 18:00 270
Ulytau int’l festival to gather musicians from 18 countries

Concerts of folk bands will take place in ethnic aul (village) built especially for the event.

The First International Musical Festival Zhezkiik which will unite professional folk bands from Mexico, Peru, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Tajikistan, France, Scotland, Japan, and Kazakhstan is scheduled on July 12-14 in Ulyatu, BNews.kz informs.

The event itself will take place on July 13 at Bolatsay area, Ulytau foothill. The performances will start at 14.00 and will last until the evening.

Moreover, there will be Festival’s march-in. Ulytau band’s performance will crown the festival.

As for the concerts of the folk bands, they will be held in the ethnic aul which will be constructed especially for this large-scale event. A scene, yurts, playgrounds, altybakan, shopping tents, tents for artisans, small decorative sculptures will be placed at the territory of the aul. The aul entrance will be decorated with big gates.

The next day July 14 festival will move to Zhezkazgan. The march-in will start at 15.00.  The scene will be placed on the bank of Kengirsky water reservoir. Viewers of the festival will enjoy a gala-concert and performances of 17 folk bands from Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Moldova, Italy, Austria.