UN commission highly appreciated increase in productive employment of Kazakhstan

16 March, 2017, 12:23 528
UN commission highly appreciated increase in productive employment of Kazakhstan

The measures for increase in productive employment and development of a female entrepreneurship undertaken by Kazakhstan in the rural zone received positive assessment during the taking place 61st session of the UN Commission on Status of Women, BNews.kz reported.

Within the international forum on one of actions of high level, "Activization of efforts together with rural women for eradication of hunger and poverty" made the report the vice chairman of the board of JSC Kazagro Holding Aygul Mukhamadiyeva, the press service of JSC Kazagro Holding reports.

The representative of Kazagro told about development of a female entrepreneurship in agricultural industry of Kazakhstan, as about one of important activities of holding. It agrees to the statistical data provided by it, in Kazakhstan a large number of the women occupied in economy is the share of an agrarian industry. It is included into the three of the most popular industries of economy from the gender point of view: 17% of a total quantity of the women occupied in economy are involved in agricultural industry (trade - 19%, education - 19%).

In her speech, Mukhamadiyeva noted a big share of self-employed women in agricultural industry - nearly 51% of total number of self-employed women on the republic. Thus, if in other gender oriented industries of the woman are generally hired employees, then in agrarian sector they make agricultural products including - in private farmsteads.

In this regard, according to the representative of Kazagro, the development program of productive employment and a mass entrepreneurship for 2017-2021 accepted by the government of the republic gives great opportunities for development of a female entrepreneurship in the village. The Kazagro holding as the offtaker of this program in the rural zone, makes a contribution to development of a female entrepreneurship and advancement of women in the village. So, in 2016 from total number of the loans of 36.6% issued by Holding it was issued to women (the share annually increases by 3-5%).

In the direction of training in entrepreneurship bases by National chamber of entrepreneurs of Atameken in the Bastau program only in 2016 180 people, from them 53% - women were trained.

In conclusion of the performance Aygul Mukhamadiyeva to note importance of a question of development of a female entrepreneurship in agricultural industry for the purpose of decrease in unemployment and thanked the UN for the given opportunity of discussion of a question at the international level.

Let's remind, the official delegation of the Republic of Kazakhstan takes part in work of the 61st session of the UN Commission on status of women devoted to a subject of expansion of economic opportunities of women in the context of changes in the sphere of work and taking place these days in United Nations headquarters in New York. Participants from more than 170 countries of the world share experiment on fight against discrimination of women and development of a female entrepreneurship. The representative of Kazagro National holding is a part of the delegation headed by the vice-minister of national economy of RK, the member of the National commission on affairs of women and family population policy in case of the President of Kazakhstan M. Abylkasymova.

The 61st session of the Commission of the UN by the rights of women considers questions of active involvement of women in economic activity, providing the equal rights and opportunities for women in access to education and the work equal to a pay for equal work, to influence of technological upgrade on employment possibilities of women, informal employment.

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