Underground soil makes difficult to construct new stations in Almaty Metro

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03 August, 2018, 13:38 338
Underground soil makes difficult to construct new stations in Almaty Metro

Almaty Metro is primarily resolves environmental issues. 


Underground soil became a serious hinder to construct additional stations. It was said by Director of the Industrial and Technical Department of JSC Almatymetrokurylys Zhamilya Arisova at the Regional Communications Service of Almaty, BNews.kz correspondent reports. 

According to Zhamilya Arisova, the key and complex moment that is connected with the construction of the metro in Almaty is the active seismicity. Also, underground soil caused some difficulties. 

"The city is located in a highly seismically active (force 9) zone. Therefore it is necessary to observe strictly the construction technique. In addition, the pecularities of underground soil in the area of the metro's construction gave some difficulties, which became a serious hinder for even modern vehicles. The geology of soil makes the work difficult and to use modern techniques and new equipment. Periodical sets are used for tunnelling. Almaty Metro primarily resolves environmental issues, the issues to reduce vehicle emissions in the air, to decrease noise isolation and traffic jams," said Arisova. 

According to the Director of the Technical Department of Major Construction Service of State-owned Enterprise Metropoliten Maksat Seitkulov, in order to reach the main goals to improve the transport system of Almaty it was decided to further develop the first line of the metro in west and north directions that should safely connect the historical centre with the uptown and industrial neighbourhoods.  

"Such launching stations toward the west as from the Alatau station to the Moscow one, from the Moscow station to the Dostyk station, from the Dostyk station to the Kalkaman station, the bus station West are planned," said Maksat Seitkulov.