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UNICEF: Every third user of the Internet is a child

06 February, 16:45 244
UNICEF: Every third user of the Internet is a child

The International Safer Internet Day is celebrated on February 6.

Worldwide, 175,000 children use the Internet for the first time daily, and every third user of the network is a child. Such statistics are given by UNICEF, BNews.kz reports.

On the International Safer Internet Day, UNICEF calls for urgent measures to protect children in the digital environment. Thus, according to research, more than 175,000 children use the Internet for the first time every day - a new child surf the Internet every half-second. In turn, digital access brings for children many benefits and opportunities, as well as many risks and harm, including access to harmful content, sexual exploitation and abuse, cyberbullying and misuse of their personal data, the children's agency warns.

"Every day thousands of children surf the Internet for the first time, undergoing various risks, which we only now start to understand, but not to decide yet. While governments and the private sector have made some progress in developing policies and approaches to eliminating the most egregious online risks, efforts to fully understand and protect the children who are online," UNICEF Director of Data, Research and Policy Lawrence Chandy said.

Today, every third Internet user is a child, and as stated in the report of 2017, "The Situation of Children in the World: Children in the Digital World", too little has been done to protect children from the dangers of the digital world, protect information about their online activities, and increase their access to safe and high-quality online content.

The report states that the responsibility to protect children in the digital world lays on everyone, including governments, families, schools and other institutions. However, it is noted that the private sector, especially in the field of technology and telecommunications, has a significant and unique responsibility for shaping the impact of digital technologies on children. This responsibility has not yet been taken seriously enough.

UNICEF calls for the renewal of cooperation between governments, civil society, UN agencies and other international child organizations, and calls the private sector to put children at the center of digital policy by coordinating global, regional and national responses, protecting children's privacy, expanding the rights and abilities of children on the Internet through more equitable access and digital literacy. It is believed that children should be trained in how to receive reliable information, get involved and at the same time maintain online security. And this should be taught to children from school.

In addition, UNICEF believes that it is necessary to examine in greater detail the data on children's access to and activities on the Internet. This can be achieved by investing in research on access, abilities and risks for children on the worldwide network.